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This book is about a software called Feed which is inserted into humans’ brain in order to allow people to get knowledge without studying. There’s a character called Violet who got Feed really late (when she was 7) because her family didn’t have enough money to buy Feed and because of that, there’re some mistakes in her Feed. And later when she became older, those mistakes exposed her to a really serious disease, and later on she died because of that disease.

The main characteristic for Violet in my opinion is that she is afraid of death. Because after she got that disease, she kept sending Titus messages about how miserable, reluctant to face death, and how afraid of it she was.


Violet is afraid of death because according to the evidence of speech, she’s kind of feel regretful and sad about death.

Violet looks timid because the evidence of looks says that.

Violet was still having a lot of things that she wanted to do but didn’t do, so she felt sad about dying at an early age (according to the evidence of thought).

And I also got an evidence about how other characters in this book think about her:

“I shook my head. ‘She’s scared. They say that it’s… The feed isn’t working well with her brain anymore.’

‘Omigod.’ She looked at me. ‘What does that mean?'” (P222)

According to the evidence, we can infer that they are very sympathetic because they think Violet is very unfortunate and miserable.

Written Task: The Lacemaker And The Princess

The name of the book I read is called “The Lacemaker And The Princess”, the author is Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. The book is using some nonexistent character to tell the terrible and horrible situation in French at that time. The main character is called Isabelle, who’s a poor lacemaker. She made the best friend with the princess of France. The situation for normal people at that time was pretty bad, but the life for the princess was very luxurious. Isabelle’s brother told her that people in France were planning to sponsor a revolution because the blind of the emperor. Isabelle was entangle with that thing. One day she worked as hard as she could, and was late for playing with the princess, the princess was sad about it, but Isabelle was mad, she cried and told the shabby situation for people in France to the princess. Several months later, people forced the King and his family to move to another city in France. And 2 years later, the king had been overthrown.

The theme I got is that: The emperor is foolish if he cannot see what has happened to his people, and his people in France will overthrow him. This book could clearly prove the theme I got, the king in France at that time was very “blind”, he didn’t know the bad circumstance his country was having. When the people in his country was starving, he didn’t notice that, and he overthrown by his people at last.

The Mars Helicopter

Recently, An USA space group “NASA” announced that they will send a Mars helicopter. It scheduled to launch in 2020, and touch down on Mars in 2021. The helicopter will do some test on Mars to make sure whether humans could survive on it or not. “The Mars helicopter’s body is small and light, but it’s blades are mighty. The atmosphere on Mars is very thin, only 1% as dense as Earth’s, Mars helicopter needs strong blades to push enough air so that it could fly. The Mars helicopter has already done the ground breaking tests.” (

I think it is a hopeful project, Because if it success it would help us a lot on discovery and finding new accommodation. And if this project meet the failure, this event would pave the way for future missions!


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I put some word around the picture because they have an attraction which could make people to read that book.

And the words on the bottom of the page is the theme of this book.

I put “Nothing could stop your pace” on the right of side of the picture, and that’s also a theme in this book.

I made some main characters’ pictures and some arrows to reveal their complicated relationship and that could absorb people to read this book as well.

There’s a brief definition to show what this book is talking about and what is the conflict.

On the bottom of this page is the resolution.

Exposition of Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters

I’m reading this book called Percy Jackson And the Sea Of Monster. It is written by Rick Riordan.

I found a conflict in this book:

On page one, Percy noticed that his best friend “Grover” has been catched by a monster, but on that day, Percy also need to participate in the anniversary of his seventh-grade end. So, he didn’t know how to choose. but in the end of this book, Percy join in the anniversary and also saved his best friend. This conflict is about Man VS self, because if he choose one, he must lose another one..

I have also met this kind of thing before. One day in last year (In my seventh grade), I planned to go home and play video games, when I almost got on the bus, my best friend found me and asked me to help him fix his computer. At first, I didn’t want to help him, but I realized that if I missed the bus, I just need to wait to another bus, or called my parents to drive to home. But if his computer couldn’t be fixed he couldn’t work normally,’ and it would effect to his score of study. So, I helped him.