Independent Reading Book Advertisement


I put some word around the picture because they have an attraction which could make people to read that book.

And the words on the bottom of the page is the theme of this book.

I put “Nothing could stop your pace” on the right of side of the picture, and that’s also a theme in this book.

I made some main characters’ pictures and some arrows to reveal their complicated relationship and that could absorb people to read this book as well.

There’s a brief definition to show what this book is talking about and what is the conflict.

On the bottom of this page is the resolution.

30 Words Poem


a student who is different from others,

like playing basketball           and swimming,

honest       and accommodating,

positive         and never give up,

no matter other people laugh at me,

I just do        what I should do,

And never stop running          and fighting!




1.Honest(adj.): Do not trick others. I think honest is important to everyone!

2.Accommodating(adj.): It’s a very good virtue that I think everybody should have. Such as if someone falls down, you should help him, not just stand there and watch him.

3.Running(n.): I put this word here because my personality is being hopeful to everything. When a person is looking forward to a work, he won’t give up!