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Unit 2: Drawing Folio

  • How could observational drawing be a useful technique in the define & enquire phase of the design process?

I think this helps you understand where your at when it comes to drawing gives you some experience on what it’s like to draw real-life things. It helped me understand that not everything will come out as you want it to or hoped for most of the time but that’s okay.

  • Briefly describe what you did for the observational drawing part of the unit (drawing household objects)

What I did was draw anything I could find that I could put right in front of me for smaller thing s and bigger things I would move to is to draw it. I think personally it is harder to draw bigger things because on paper you have to minimize the object almost so I would end up messing something up. when it came to smaller objects tho I think that seeing the details and being able to easily move it around helped a lot with the drawings. The rapid-fire drawings were the hardest of course because you can’t get everything and I’m mostly panicking to get something on paper. But overall it helps you see more of what your drawing I guess.

  • Include images of all of your observational drawings

  • What is visualization drawing and what are the biggest challenges?

Visualization drawing is something that you picture in your had what it would or will look like and try to create that on paper or in real life some way. I think this takes more time and personally, I am more critical of myself when I do this because you want to get what sin your head or something close to it as much as possible so for me, it takes more time.  another challenge for me was getting the idea right on paper because sometimes it not getting what you want on paper can disturb the message as well and that was a struggle for me.

  • Briefly describe what you did for the visualization drawing part of the unit (generating ideas for school logos/glasses concepts)

What I did for this part was to create ideas for logos for ISB’s 40th anniversary and it think that I could come up with more ideas with a little more time but I am also really busy with other things so I did what I could. First, I thought about what I really wanted in the logo or I thought it was important and needed to be in it. Then I thought about different whys I could put this information together creatively.

  • Include images of all of your visualization drawings

  • Publish your post and share the link to this thread

Online School – Mini Unit

Reflective Blog Post : Collaboration

During this project, Sofia Alice and I had 2-3 weeks to create a possible solution to the problem of mental health at ISB. Our strengths as a team were what we had individually to ban together with and our communication overall was really good. I think assed myself decently but I cont fully remember being honest. We started out with making a WeChat group to always be communicating ideas and phases that we needed to complete. We also had good ideas about how we could bring light to the issue but it was finalizing these that caused some rifts in the group. Something we could’ve worked on or still can is our compromising and listening but that got better with more time things started to fall into place.  I think that we worked pretty well al around and got good feedback to think about our ideas deciding which could work better than others.  It was really important for us to adapt to when someone was absent or sick and this made it that much more important to be in communication and on the same page about the project. Sometimes it is hard to work with others when they have different views and values as you and listening to their ideas and compromising is really important to try and minimize confrontation within the group.

Desgin Studio – Persona


My process

Staring with the vector lines was very difficult for me in the beginning. I didn’t know where to find things or how they really worked. I also had trouble deciding what color tones I should use and that represents how the pixels look best. overtime though my skills become to improve and using the vector tools and filling the shapes go easier. I also realized it’s based on what you really want it is not mandatory to used triangles or rectangles you can make any shapes.

My design

My poster reflects how I am as a design because I have a tendency to focus on the details while doing this project but had some bigger shapes as I went on and that’s kinda related to my personally where wen you first meet me I am quite and “smaller” but as you get o know me I have a louder more open personally that comes out.


Design Studio – Designer Persona (Part II)

What you think design is

Things you hope to learn – Lazer cutting and 3d modeling

What is the best thing you ever made – A stop motion video about an eraser adventure(lol)

What do you want to make –

Graphic Design – Final Video

Due to the situation that I am in. I have made a small video with materials that I had previously sent to my computer. It’s not much but it is what I was able to pull together at the time.

Graphic Design – Create and Improve

My project is to make an animation about saving water and to bring awareness to this topic.

Blue Water Tap Campaign Poster

Something that I started with and has played up is my storyboard which is a boarded panel of main topics on what the content of my animation is going to include. I have started with my first tip and just need to include the extra frames to animate it further.

As I continue on with my animation I realize that certain parts I am going to have to cut out of my amination.  I am in the process of making a new storyboard posted below.


I am also trying to make it possible to make this a public video that can be posted on social media (ex. Insta,  youtube). I think that posting this will be a step further into taking action fro saving water.


I think that over time my skill has grown a little form the videos that I have watched on youtube for skill-building and techniques I’ve tried taken form Instagram here is a before and after picture of my then and now



Graphic Design – Develop and Plan

Develope and Plan Progress

I started with a storyboard when planing my animation. after getting am an idea of the main images I started to develop my idea in the app Procreate. I have had to go back to planning and changing my ideas but it ended up working out for the better. I still have some uncertainties within my plan that I do welcome feedback for.

I used materials like the iPad to create the animations and put layer together to make small videos to edit later

Graphic Design – Define and Inquire


Blue Water Tap Campaign Poster

In this project, we are meant to take a problem and make a graphic design related solution to that problem. For example, my project is spreading awareness about saving water and I’m doing a stop motion animation about it.

My project will include the following things below

Some problems I might have are skill related to how I am going to do the animation

The solution will be designed for kids in middle school through high school to make teenagers more aware of what they do concerning conserving water and little things that they can change to help.

The animation is going to be from 2-4 mins and depending on my content

Most of the things that do inspire me are in cartoons, anime, videos on Instagram(IGTV) and youtube.




Made with Padlet

Graphic Design – Drawing Folio


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