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Lamp Design

Sketches and models (PDF)


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  1. Hi Annarosa,

    I am so glad that you seem to have enjoyed working on this design! What you have said about design being expressive and relaxing is exactly what I have been hoping for during this elearning period.

    What stands out to me most about your work for this unit is that your sketching has really elevated. Your linework seems much more confident and you are developing a really strong and expressive style. So keep it up because the better you get the more you want to practice and it creates a great positive loop. Your visualizations for the lamp ideas are excellent – I feel like I am looking at an authentic design sketchbook. To build further on this technique, consider using some simple colors to highlight key areas – like you’ve done with the purple later concepts.

    Unfortunately I don’t quite feel like I fully understand your final concept. This is probably because there doesn’t seem to be a final poster? I get that there are two linked pieces of the lamp representing a human relationship and there is some added functionality. But I am still unsure about how the lamp works and what it is made from, how big it is and what it would look like in a room. If you could put something together as a poster that would be good.

    Thanks for all your work and take care!

    Mr Griffin

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