The design problem:

In this special design unit, we created a wearable product that aides people in a pandemic (or any situation). To Annarosa, who’s probably going to read this in a few years, this was during the time of COVID-19. So, I decided to make a wearable that had correlations with a mask.

Really the design is for people to not lose masks. With a fashion bonus when it can be worn on the head. This includes anyone who needs a mask, (mostly) girls and boys who have long hair and people who lose their things easily. The mask can be folded in a specific way and worn on the head when it’s not in use.

Final product:

  •   Here we can see that the design is very straightforward, mask doubled as a hairband. The last pictured emphasized on people who might need this wearable and some of the problems they face.

    Design process:

    Entire thought process and ideas: Product Design – Wearable Design Folio

    There wasn’t inspiration from anything,  a thought just came to me on a random afternoon. But, I thought the idea was good. Little did I know it soon came to me as one of the best designs I’ve ever thought of.

    During the creation process, there were many challenges. Drawing, time and perseverance. Firstly, my drawing skills are very limited, not to mention my final presentation was drawn on the iPad. Even thinking about drawing gave me a headache. Secondly, time. I did procrastinate and started the presentation later than I should’ve, and was running out of time. Though later one we were notified that we had more time due to calendar issues. Finally, perseverance. I thought about giving up halfway through drawing, and considering that time was almost up. Don’t know what hit me, but I persevered through and submitted it in.

    What went well for me in this unit was the creative and fun idea I started with. If my design was something simple I might’ve given up halfway through. My success criteria were simple, submit in a design I was happy with. Looking back at it, yes I am very happy with what I put in. Though I was, and still am, happy with the work submitted, I still wished I changed many things. One of the many things I would change is my attitude towards this final project. At first, I didn’t like it very much and complained about it, until I realised it was pretty fun. Though, it was late when I realised that.

    I would like to thank my Product Design teacher, Mr Griffin, as he did provide me with new insight designing. From someone who didn’t care about it, to now like it.