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Case podcast Episode 3 reflection

The feedback I was given was to slow down when talking and being mindful of the time length of the podcast. I feel that the feedback is reasonable because oftentimes I speed up when talking without noticing. This feedback gives me directions to watch how fast I speak with respect to the time of the podcast, and I can show this next time by speaking slower and clearly pronouncing my words.

Episode 2 podcast reflection

The feedback I was given was to fix the music background as it sometimes gets distracting. I feel that the feedback is accurate because when I listen to my own work it sounds fine because I created it, the feedback will be more accurate if it was actually given by an audience. This feedback gives me directions to fix the background music and some of the sound bites, and I can show this next time by adjusting the volume of the backing track using the ‘master volume’ feature on garageband.

Case Podcast Episode 1

Below is my revised Podcast ⬇️

After reading the feedback I knew instantly what I was supposed to change. The main thing I tackled was the transition and editing. I attempted to make the flow of my podcast overall more smooth, by adjusting the time. Something else I noticed that was important is the background music. It is a constant guitar loop on replay, however, I have this effect that occasionally plays alongside of it. The special effect only matches with certain parts of the loop. So then I tried to make it so that the special effect would sound right. Overall, the changes weren’t obvious, but it sure sounded nicer than before.

Design cycle #2 D-log: Define & inquire unit reflection

Short description:

This new unit is based on the problems we see in our daily lives. In the beginning, I thought of several problems, however, in the end, I ended up with Waimai delivery.  specifically focused on Waimai delivery during bad weather, so I designed a pop-up notification (system) that would appear in Waimai apps.

Made with Padlet

Tool development:

What inspired my final tool were my fellow classmates. After seeing some of their surveys I decided to base mines off of their examples. After many different trials of testing, I resorted to the Microsoft online version. It was quick, simple and easy. The best part is that the form automatically gathers data and organize it. That was one of the bets benefitting factors with using Microsoft forms.

This is the link to my survey if you would like to see it for reference.


New knowledge:

After sending out my survey, I quickly came to the realization that the audiences are often times careless. Some of them didn’t even bother filling the respected answers to the problem. When I looked over my form, later on, I realized that there were more options for me to change my form. These more specific edits could have changed the responses of my survey to have gotten more specific data. Further actions: 

To push my thinking ahead, finishing this project, I need to keep refining my tool-making skills. Testing out my system and getting feedback. The feedback could be surveyed, the quality would depend on my survey making abilities. Slowly refining and improving my skills would lead to easier design later on. For this to happen I must put all my effort into making every survey.

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