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House of the scorpion (Characterization)

For a group project me and my teammates read the book House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. The book includes many characters, but the one that interested me the most was Tam Lim. Matt is a clone who’s mistreated by everyone, El patron is the master of Tam. El Patron is the ruler of a land names opium. The ruler is still alive after a century. 140 to be exact. El patron cloned himself so that he could use the organs of the clones to live longer. Matt was one of the many clones, he too was supposed to be killed and remade into the new El Patron. With the help of the others, he’s managed to escape from Opium.


Tam Lin on appeared in the second half of the story, but behind all of the drama there’s still more uncovered secrets. Tam Lim is the bodyguard of El Patron. He looks strong like a normal bodyguard would. But what I like about him the most is that he sees different from everyone else. Normal people see Matt from a disgusting point of view. Not only did Tam accept Matt for who he is, he even taught him things. In matt’s “middle life” Tam Lim acted like a father figure to him, teaching him about the world outside opium. He first gained Matt’s trust when he relearned how to talk. In the book, Tam showed Matt a special place, the oasis. The oasis was really precious to him, so was Matt. When Matt entered him “old life” he discovers more about the real world. Tam acted like a walking dictionary, always feeding him more information about the truth. Later on in his life, Matt finds out that Tam was actually a former terrorist. Ignoring all the children he’s killed in the past, Tam is passionate about peace and justice. Tam has made all the choices he regrets and now he advises Matt about life.

Nine year old girl, sends a handwritten letter to Curry.


A nine year old girl Riley, who happens to have the same name as one of Curry’s daughter. Wrote a letter to Golden state warriors fan mail, complaining about the minimal shoes selection for girls. How she wanted to buy a pair of Curry 5’s, for her new basketball season, but she couldn’t find any. From Napa, California the letter was read by Curry and he tweeted back a copy of a hand written letter. “I appreciate your concern and have spent the last 2 days talking to Under Armour about how we can fix the issue. Unfortunately, we have labeled smaller sizes as ‘boys’ on the website. We are correcting this now!”. When teen vouge interviewed Riley, she explained how she was frustrated about the minimal selection for girls. She also mentioned how boys could customize their shoes. Eventually Riley earned a lot of support from the online community and got really inspirational tweets. “As a (former?) tomboy and avid sports fan, all I have to say is: BRAVO!” wrote Perri Konecky for PopSugar. “This little girl recognizing the lack of gender equality in the sports world at such a young age is impressive, and it’s a sign of hope for the younger generation. Not only did she recognize the need for change, but she’s also making that change a reality.” She was also told about “Something special” coming up during march, which is directly related to International Women’s day. And on top of all that, she was given a pair of Curry 5’s and she will be one of the first kids to get Curry 6’s.

Boxer rebellion

I think that the Boxer’s don’t deserve a bad rap. Because they wanted to protect their culture and keep the people out. Chinese care a lot about their culture, not to be polluted by foreigners.

Podcast (book resolution)

Text in the podcast

Hi, this is “The Rose Daily Podcast”. Today we will be introducing the book Valkyrie by Kate O’hearn. She has won many awards, for example, her first book Shadow of the dragons won the 1066 schools’ book award. Her books mainly surround the genres of children’s literature, fantasy and mythology. You might have heard about her in one of our previous podcasts, her famous book series “Pegasus”. *Insert music* Before we begin the book introduction we are gladly sponsored by beats headphones, listen to your favourite ebooks, and be enchanted by the amazing sound! *Insert music* Back to the book review. I recently just finished the book “Valkyrie” the story is about a fair yalkrie called Freya. What is a Valkyrie you ask? Well in the first page of the book, Kate herself gives a grand introduction. If on some cold winter’s night you gaze up into the darkened sky and see the glow of the northern lights, consider this: those shimmering colours are not an illusion. They are the glow of the Rainbow Bridge called Birfröst. Across that magnificent bridge, far from the world of Man, you will find Asgard, Land of the Norse Gods and home of Valhalla. Also, known as Odin’s Great Heavenly Hall for the Heroic Dead, Valhalla sits in the very centre of Asgard. Resting deep within the ethereal plane, it is only accessible from Earth by crossing Bifröst. Valhalla is a grand palace with over five hundred entrances. All of this amazing description has enchanted you, right? Well, that could be one of the many reasons why Kate has gotten a 5-star review for a description on Now I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next, but before that, we are sponsored by Strawberry heaven, call 133 4789 2738 to go and pick fresh strawberries. Now, about Valkyries. What do you think they are? What do they do? Let’s find out! In ancient times the Vikings fought valiantly to earn a seat in Valhalla, It was all they wanted. But to get there they had to be selected by an elite group of winged battle-Maidens, known as the Valkyries. In the middle of the battlefield, the Valkyries would swoop down from the skies, riding their winged Reaping Mares and howling their haunting cries. They came to Earth, or Midgard as they called it, to choose from among the dead and dying only the bravest warriors to deliver to Odin in Valhalla. In Valhalla, the chosen warriors would spend their nights sitting with Odin, feasting and drinking. They would dance with the Valkyries and listen to their enchanting songs. A warrior’s days in Valhalla were spent on the training grounds, as they picked up their weapons and gloried once in endless battle. This was their heaven and their paradise. Today’s soldiers have forgotten Valhalla and the song of Valkyries. But the valkyries haven’t forgotten about humans. Are you inspired by the story? Well go to and get your own copy of “Valkyrie”. And join us on our epic adventures! The story starts with our main character Freya, she flies in the dark night. Constantly complaining about how much she dislikes the sun, only bringing misery. She’s dreading about her upcoming First-day ceremony. With her raven companion, Orus. All was nice and peaceful until Maya, her older sister comes and find her. Freya doesn’t want to go to the battle-field and reap the soldiers. She thinks that humans are disgusting and not worthy of her time. To Freya, humans are just living beings that fight and kill all day. After her sister, Maya found her she was brought back to Asgard to clean herself for the ceremony. Freya is the youngest and final Valkyrie to be full grown. And during every ceremony, Odin has to tell the story of the Valkyrie who betrayed Odin. During the ceremony, the author described the other characters in the book Odin, Thor, Frigg, Freya’s mother and Loki. In order to become a full valkyrie, she had to swear an oath. To bring the best warriors to celebrate the rest of their life in Valhalla, and the others left to Azrael and his angels of death. However, Valkyries have the ability to ban the Angels of death away from the battlefield. And Freya received a set of armour and a silver winged helmet. If she wore the helmet to living human could see her, only if she removes the helmet then she will be revealed. Eventually, it was her first reaping. Her mother gave her a reaping mare, called sylt. On her first reaping session, she reaped a soldier called Tyrone Johnson. When she brought the soldier back to Valhalla it was her job to take them around and get used to the place. However, Tyrone stressed that he cannot die until he knows his two daughters are safe. Eventually, Freya got to know Tyrone. And eventually, she found out that modern humans aren’t like the barbaric soldiers. with a ton of pleading Freya finally agreed to help his family. However going to Midgard (also know as earth) is forbidden, unless you have permission. Going to earth means that you have to cross the Bifrost, however, there is a watchman so you don’t cross without knowing. Loki Odin’s brother, the cheeky, evil and sly character, agreed to help Freya get across to Midgard. When Freya and her companion Orus got to Midgard she flew for a long time, until she landed on a roof. There, she met the first humans. It was two men, Freya had a feeling that one of the men is evil, and since the “Evil” man wanted to kill her. She knocked him out, warned the other men that there is something wrong with him. They had a brief introduction, he is called Curtis Banks. His wife is a lawyer. Eventually, he helped Freya to get to Tyrone’s family. During her flight to Tyrone’s house, she met a kid getting bullied. His name is Archie, he’s considered as a member of the geek squad. JP, the leader of the bullies bully’s them. Archies family is a mess, his father left him and his mother is an alcoholic. She usually never goes home, so Archie is almost always left alone. She met an “old woman” who is the grandmother of Tyrone’s children, Tamika the older sister and Uniik the infant. His wife was killed, a company wants to buy their house and knock it down. To build a huge new company, but since people refused to they started to tell them by force. As part of the deal, it was Freya’s job to help them. However, Loki told Odin about Freya’s runaway. What will happen to Freya? Will she be caught? Will she help Archie and his nerd gang improve and defend themselves? Find out by reading Valkyrie, which you can find at your nearest bookshelf. Thanks for listening to today’s podcast, and we’ll see you same time tomorrow!

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