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One day progress uptade

It wasn’t the nicest way to start the morning, the printer was extra lazy and took us 45 minutes to print everything.

One we got the printed items, we went straight to work.

Grace used the slicing machine to cut out the basic shape of the photos

Renee went to trim the photos

And I went to cut out the emojis

After an intense 2-3 hours of cutting, we finally did it.

OneDay (The artistic Process)

Express: Me and my groups of friends of trying to express “Friendship”, we decided to make a scrapbook filled with lovely memories with each other. Over the past week, we have been gathering photos of us to put on the scrapbook. We also brought an item to decorate it with to make it visually pleasing.

Materials: Scrapbook, Pictures, stickers, deco tape and pens.


  • Print out the images and the stickers
  • Cut out the stickers and images
  • Glue or tape (Deco tape) the images
  • Make the scrapbook visually pleasing
  • Use pens write quotes, names, items etc

     *Adjust plan as needed*

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