Sugar free week isn’t easy as it sounds, did you know what all food on earth all have sugar in them! So its basically impossible to not eat sugar, how ever there is natural sugar which is not processed. Many people call natural sugar the processed sugar that is in, candy, cube sugar, cinnamon, etc. In this past week i have been extending from my comfy zone, and went ahead tried the sugar free week myself. At school on every list of food there was sugar in it, Pasta had sugar in it, pizza had sugar in it. Everything has sugar, i cant even decide. But in the end i went with salad.


My personal challenge was how i handled my choice of food. When we talk about healthy diet choices, we mean that by. Eating right amount of vegetable, protein,diary, also sugar. On your plate vegetable should cover more than 1/4 of your plate. Protein should be 1/4. and diary should also be 1/6 of your plate. All these depends on your gender or age or height, thats why sometimes some people can digest faster than others.


So now at home and school i eat more less sugar than i use to, at school sometimes i am willing to eat salad which i think is really effecting me now. So sugar free week is really helpful.