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Case Podcast Episode 1

Below is my revised Podcast ⬇️

After reading the feedback I knew instantly what I was supposed to change. The main thing I tackled was the transition and editing. I attempted to make the flow of my podcast overall more smooth, by adjusting the time. Something else I noticed that was important is the background music. It is a constant guitar loop on replay, however, I have this effect that occasionally plays alongside of it. The special effect only matches with certain parts of the loop. So then I tried to make it so that the special effect would sound right. Overall, the changes weren’t obvious, but it sure sounded nicer than before.

Unit 2: Drawing Folio

Observational drawing is useful when trying to Generate Ideas. Sometimes, even the dumbest ideas can lead to great creations. In our observational drawing part of the unit, we were tasked to do many things, such as generating ideas in a short amount of time, drawing with details (tone, shade, lighting, etc), and general drawing practices.

My observational drawings 

To me, visualization drawing is simply drawing something right in front of your eyes. Even though it sounds easy, it sure isn’t when you start drawing. One of the biggest challenges I faced is finding something suitable. Finding something is easy, anything. But finding something suitable means that I have to consider If I have enough time to draw the object and If I have the skills to draw it.

When I was tasked to generate ideas for eyewear it puzzled me. Before this unit, to me, glasses basically all looked like the same thing. So generating ideas was the hardest part. Instead, I shifted my focus to something I liked. Emojis. SO I had this genius idea to combine the two. Why keep me stuck on something I don’t like when I can make it fun. By the end, my paper was filled with ideas.

Product design: Design persona

Designer Persona

The link above will directly download my designer persona.

Product design face (PDF)

Designer Persona

What do you think product design is?

Make something digitally or physically to serve a purpose

What skills do you hope to learn?

To further develop my adobe design skills

What is the best thing you ever made?

N/A I haven’t made anything I’ve been really proud of

What do you want to make?

A system that can track a certain action which happens throughout my school day

What strengths do you have that you can bring to your learning in this course?

I have a decent understanding of  the apple pencil

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