This book was written by Esther Forbes. The man character is Johnny Iremain who worked in the house by servant but start the revolution. Johnny was a servant but when he hurt his hand, he fired by owner. Then, he was walking around to get new job. When he was walking around, he met Rab(Who become Johnny’s best friend.) and he started revolution by meeting Rab.

I think the theme of this book is “Finding Freedom.” In the story, the Johnny was working everyday and every night. So he didn’t think about the outside environment. But when he was fired and he get out of a regular schedule, he thought of the society and decided to help the colonists. To find freedom people do fight. This is very weird, to find a freedom but people have to do fighting with other people. (Fighting for freedom??) Because the freedom is important, colonists decided fighting with other people. In this book, they did the fighting either. (Sugar act, The battle of Bennington, etc) After reading this book, I could say ‘Fighting for peace is weird. But I know being a colonists from other country is awful, so I understand about it.’