About the revolution

 When studying about a revolution, you should know about ‘What is the revolution?’ I think revolution means ‘A big change’ because when people who do the revolution, whether succeed or not, the society changes. And some citizens change their thinking and help to do a revolution. This make the revolution much bigger. And a revolution affects all over the world and help to change the society more easily because I think the one group of government will make their behaviors more carefully. (Because all over the world is watching, get mad and worried about them.) Or another meaning, revolution is ‘Understanding other side people’ because people do the revolution because they don’t want the other side argument, so they have to understand why they are thinking like that or not. 

 Now, you will confused about the reasons why people start the revolution. People who do a revolution want to change a society. There are many reasons why they want to change it. Sometimes the government doesn’t care about the citizens, so they got mad and sometimes they don’t like the modern rules, so a revolution caused by people who don’t like government. (Empire, king, queen etc) And people do a revolution because they want to give more good society to their children. Of course, not all people attend a revolution. Some parents escape to save their children. In the American revolution, the colonists start revolution because of the taxes. The British got too much taxes to the colonists, so the colonists citizens couldn’t hold it and they think it is very unfair. 

 After a revolution, many things changed. For example, the owner of the power is changing, the citizens, government’s environments and society are changing too. We should know after the revolution, the society could change better but also, it could become much worse and makes more bad influence to people. Like the Russian revolution, this case was ended citizens wanted. But not every revolutions are ended in that way. After a revolution whether it succeed or not, the most of the society was being poor. Because there both sides spend too much money or people during a revolution. That means they have to save the society with all of the people. (Government + citizens) I think after a revolution will be very hard to turn into a better society because it causes a lot of money and people also, after a revolution, all things are lack to do something. 

 Some people think revolution is bad because it causes a lot of bad thing. For example, after a revolution, people have to make a society good ways, so it causes a lot of money. Also, the buildings break a lot, so they need people who fix the buildings. About these reasons, it causes a lot of money and people but I think it has good points and bad points both. Because it could affects bad ways but after the revolution, the government will know about their behaviors and act more carefully to the citizens. Not all governments know their faults and change good way. Sometimes, the bad government is mad at the citizens who do the revolution, so they act worse to the citizens. But I think if they do that way, the citizens will got more mad and do revolution more and more. But the bad points are during the revolution, the citizens and government will get more casualties. Also, after a revolution, the society will hard to get up. Because during a revolution, many structures were attacked by others. The economy will be hard either to become better. About these reasons, they will know that making citizens into enemies makes it hard to maintain society and power.

                      Do you think a revolution will happen again today?

 No, I don’t because doing a revolution feels so far to modern society.


Yes, I do because if citizens don’t like a government, they can do a revolution any time.


( No, I don’t. Because in modern society, the peaceful time was so long, people don’t think about a war or revolution. Of course, there can be a few little revolution in country. But I don’t think there will be a big revolution or a war. When some country does the revolution, it affects all over the world. Many other countries help or want to stop a big revolution or a war, so it can’t be possible. The mass media was developed, so whole over the world can know about a revolution. )

( Yes, I do. Because there was a revolution in Korea at 1987. So it can be possible to have a revolution in modern society. In 1987, a president did the dictatorship, so many college students do a revolution. They wanted to change the dictatorship. This case is only 30 years ago, so I think it could be have enough possibility to occur a revolution in this day. If a government don’t do their works well, a citizens can cause a revolution any time. Also, a government don’t want whole people know about their country’s revolution because if whole people know about a revolution, whole people won’t like that government and that country will be annoying by other countries.)