My name is Ann Kwen, and I am from South Korea.

My mother country, South Korea, had been going through huge development after the Korean war,1960. In the modern generation of Korea everyone envied the same thing for a long time. “best college name value”, “be a doctor or a lawyer”, “buy an apartment in the city”, and “have kids”. This was the primary success model that everyone believed in, and in previous times this seems to be “knowledge” for most of the people, and it still is.

However, in 2020 South Korea the unemployment rate was 3.1% (20.08, KOSIS). Even if a person had gone through a top college and the best education, it is still hard to get jobs. Also, the highest paying job has changed to doctor to you tubers, which does not require the best education. Now, the “success model” seems to be broken into half. people started looking for better values and the true model of success, by focusing more on themselves.

What I learned from this is that everything we believe it is true might be proven to be falsely made by society and the peoples. I believe that we can never know things for sure, and I believe that we have to keep questioning and keep trying to have doubt on things that we think we know for sure. I think this would eventually evaluate people, and make the society grow.

I learned from experience that nothing can’t be “sure”
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2 thoughts on “I learned from experience that nothing can’t be “sure”

  • September 22, 2020 at 10:12 am

    I agree with the statement that a fact will be a fact until something or someone disproves it.

    I disagree with the statement that you will cease to believe in something even though its disproved

    the question i have for you is that is the model for success actually changing, or are the end goals just changed

  • September 22, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Hi Ann! I agree that we have to keep questioning and doubting what we’ve been told. However, I disagree that we can never know things for sure. I think there are certain facts that are innate knowledge where we know them from birth that they are true for sure. Do you think that society will grow if we all questioned every information that we are exposed to or will that way of thinking backfire in society’s development?

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