For the English class’s reading time, I chose to read the book <Grapes of wrath>.

Grapes of wrath is a book written by John Steinback back in 1939, and the book handles economic hardship that poor farmer families were going through during the great depression.
The book’s setting is in Oklahoma farmlands going through a horrible corn harvest year; the author described the setting using a unique literal sense and tremendous details, which enabled me to imagine Oklahoma’s picture more precisely.
The main character so far is Tom Joad. The characteristic of the man can be inferred from the communication between the bus driver and the man. The awkward and cold tension between Joad and the bus driver made Joad more believable when Joad came out and said he was a murderer.
I predict that the farmers in Oklahoma would lack money inputs due to the bad harvest, and as a result, they will struggle to survive. Also, I predict that Joad would cause more horrible incidents to happen.

I found an interesting personal connection on page 3:

The women studied the men’s faces secretly… and the children sent exploring senses out to see whether men and women would break. The children peeked at the faces of the men and the women, and then drew careful lines in the dust with their toes… After a while the faces of the watching men lost their bemused perplexity and became hard and angry and resistant. Then the women knew that they were safe and there was no break.

When the woman and the children finally succeeded in finding anger in his face, they knew they were safe. The woman and the children seek anger rather than brake because they believe anger is an emotion that includes hope. I also think that anger and resistance are better than braking. I believe that the status of “braking” refers to 0, but anger can refer to energy. Moreover, this energy can lead to more positive outcomes. rather than giving up on desperate conditions, I want to feel anger or other emotion than “braking.”

Grapes of Wrath first week’s reflection

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