For our TOK class, our class had a mini-debate about the topic “is ignorance a bliss.”
Our class was divided into two opponents: “ignorance is a bliss,” and “ignorance is not a bliss.”
Our side, “ignorance is a bliss,” did not prepare for the debate before the class. We had to prepare quickly, which resulted in our team lacking logic, and last, we lost the debate. I learned that preparation is crucial to debates; to rebuttal, the opponent with clear, logical thinking, the debater, and other teammates should have prepared for their arguments and background knowledge.
Our team pro argued that ignorance is bliss. We discussed that people usually don’t have the choice to be ignorant or not ignorant, but if a person is in the state of “ignorant,” it would be bliss. They would not have to take responsibility and face reality. We believe that “ignorance” will lead people to initial happiness.
The other team kept arguing that the happiness that ignorance brings is not true happiness, but the happiness that knowledge brings is. I think that the word “true happiness” is not something that can be defined easily with out any explanation. Furthermore, having more knowledge won’t lead people to true happiness too. I wish that we had more preparation to define the term happiness and ignorance more solid.


TOK debate reflection : “ignorance is bliss”
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