I interviewed my parents about their school experience and the tools that they had used for learning and producing knowledge.
First, I think it is important to stress that My mother’s experience and my father’s experience differed slightly because my parents have an age gap of 2 years.
When my dad was going to high school, the Korean government had strictly restricted students’ rules.
For example, students(boys) had to keep their hair shorter than 5 cm, and they had to wear school uniforms: including uncomfortable boots, pants, and shirts.
However, when my mother was going to school, the Korean government loosened the restricted rule a bit, letting them wear their free clothes without restriction (no uniforms).
Although their environment was different, my parents answered that the lesson they had in the past was one dimensional, and the knowledge that they gained from the classes was mainly used for testing.

But the tools that they had used for learning had differed from each other:

Father: The local schools had no educational tools to excess to the various information, so most often, my father had used textbooks and lessons from the school to learn.
Moreover, the quality of education differed from the region, the best quality was in the capital, and the more rural area received less quality of education.
And the social activity (like hanging out with friends) was regarded as something that failers do, so a student who aims for college won’t have this kind of experience.
Also, there were no discussions or cultures in class at that time, and there was no learning through reading.

Mother: The school provided me fragmentary and planar knowledge. And through social interaction and various sports activities, my mother could learn relationships and responsibilities. She also liked to read, and through reading, she could learn some important aspects of life, like how to respect elders, save money, and others. These are all fragmentary and planar knowledge. And she used the tools to convert that knowledge into her mind, gathered them together, and established a self-reflection and revisions to create more firm knowledge.

I think the education that I receive now is more than a planner and fragmentary knowledge.
The education that we receive contains better quality (classes such as TOK help us produce knowledge of our own).
We have tons of access to almost every information due to social media, which had to widen our learning limitations.

I think that learning nowadays has changed into something that depends on a person’s determination and enthusiasm. This is very different from what my father and mother had gone through because they had limitations on their environment and learning. However, As more knowledge are open to the public, and limitation had got widen, there is also a need to debut our knowledge.

What tools did my parents use in school? and how does it differs from mine?
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