1.During the first semester, we considered knowledge question related to “knowledge and the knower” and “knowledge and Technology” looking back, what learning engagement stand out to you the most and why?
A. The content that interested me the most is “way of knowing”. I have never thought of the origin behind my knowledge; I never had the opportunity to think about why and how it is collected. To think about knowledge more profoundly made my thoughts improve.
2.In what ways, if any, has your perspective shifted as a result of your participation in this course so far?
A. After watching the documentary <The Social Dilemma> in school, I felt more warned about current technology’s danger than in the past. The information that shocked me the most was that no social media was created to benefit the user but the advertisers. To me, technology is soaked into my daily life. I go into Instagrams and various online community every day. If I lose control of my watch time, I get addicted to it, and it causes me a huge time waste. Moreover, SNS like We chat and Emails are considered to be necessities to me, I never thought that kind of technology taking control of me. However, watching the documentary and being awarded by the danger of social media. I was able to think more closely about social media and be aware of the danger of social media’s bad influence.
3. learning ahead to the exhibition requirement, what do you want to keep in mind?
A. I want to keep thinking about the object that I can select related to the TOK question that I have chosen. Furthermore, I want to have the more logical reasoning to support my argument.
4. thinking back on the writing you have done so far in the course, what can you do to continue to hone your skills?
A. To increase my writing skill, I want to develop my logical sense and reasonable thinking. I think my current problem is on lack of information to support my argument. I need to find more examples in my daily life, news, or books. From the examples, I would need to develop a logical reason to support the argument.

Reflection on Knowledge

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