Beijing Photography: Define and Inquire

In this project, we are meant to create a problem and find a graphic design solution for it. I am designing a website to display my photography. I chose to do that for my project because I actually really like taking photos and I never really had a way of displaying them – never made an Instagram, blog, etc. So I decided to make a website 🙂 The look I am trying to accomplish for the website is more plain and minimalist, the focus should be on the photos.

User Persona

My target audience is mainly teens and young adults, as I think people of that age will enjoy my photos most. One thing that I’ve slowly come to realize is how many people have a kind of ‘secret’ passion for photography. I’ve also noticed how photography is now starting to become a trend. More and more of my friends have created Instagram accounts dedicated to their photography. To get an idea of what kind of photos I should take and how I should lay out my photos on the website, I researched a little bit – observing my friends and other students in Beijing’s’ Instagrams.

Oscar Brunetti, CISB:

photos of: lifestyle, himself, friends

tone/type of photos: artistic, aesthetic, cultural

layout of photos: white border around each picture


Deniz Guven, ISB:

photos of: lifestyle, friends, things seen in Beijing (local life)

tone/type of photos: cultural, aesthetic

layout of photos: white border around each picture


Scarlett O’Keefe, ISB:

photos of: lifestyle, friends, local life

tone/type of photos: artistic, aesthetic, cultural

layout of photos: the photo itself, no border


Primary Research:

To find out more about what people were looking for on a photography website, I interviewed one of my friends. She is in ninth grade, takes the photography elective, and has a photography Instagram of her own. When I asked her what kind of photos she liked seeing most, she replied with “I really like ‘aesthetic’ photos, I feel like they catch my eye most and make me feel some type of way”, she laughed. I researched the definition of “aesthetic” to find a real definition, as I always find myself using that term without really knowing what it meant -> aesthetic is something that is visually pleasing to look at. Moving on, I asked her what things she would want to see photographed and how, and she replied with “I like seeing photos that play with different types of lighting, as well as color. I like when people display photos of their friends, sometimes themselves, and city life, or just daily life.”. From this small interview, I can conclude that I should include photos of myself, my friends, city life, and daily life with an aesthetic quality to them to attract an audience to my website.

User Persona Poster (high-res): Beijing Photography Website


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2 thoughts on “Beijing Photography: Define and Inquire

  1. Alice

    I love your website idea! one questoin I have is how long this project is going to take you! besides that, I think your user persona is very eye catching and it’s a great way to see who are your target audiance inside one poster! excited to see the outcome


  2. sgriffin

    Hi Arianna,

    This is a good project idea. In this case you are basically your own client and your audience is anyone interested in photography. Web design projects can be a little tricky these days as there are som many templates and products available that take a lot of the design decisions out of the process. Eg, the best way to make your website will probably be to find a great WordPress template and run with that. For this reason I would encourage you to consider developing some branding for yourself also – eg some sort of logo/promotional material that can compliment your website and photography.

    Mr Griffin

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