Beijing Photography: Develop and Plan


When brainstorming, the sources I referred to most for inspiration were Pinterest and Instagram. I saved photos that I liked and thought would be helpful for me to be able to visualize and create the desired product. I also focused on what I wanted the look of the website to be (shown in the image below) and that affected the texts and image choices.


These are some images that stuck out to me the most when I was brainstorming, and I used them to create a visualization board.


watch: Beijing Photography Website prototype 1

Detailed Plan:

  1. prototypes: I will need to make prototypes/visual drafts before finalizing the website design
  2. settling on one design: I will eventually need to decide on one design and going through with that template for the website
  3. taking/getting the photos: Since I am creating a photography website, I will need some photos to display. I will choose a day dedicated to taking photos and take all the photos needed for the website
  4. finalizing the website -> feedback: once I finalize the website design, I will need to receive some feedback from someone in my targeted audience, this way I can make changes in order to improve
  5. promo: after I finish creating the website, I can work on promoting the website with some cool graphics to attract people’s attention.

examples of promo graphics:

Goal Setting for Next Stage:

If I manage to create a successful and efficient website, I think the possible next step would be to create an app or software that everyone could access. Perhaps, at first, the app would be only for me to share my photos. However, the app could eventually develop to be for everyone to share their photos and the app would ultimately be like a database to find/see different people’s photos – either to see a specific person’s photos or simply for inspiration. Similar to Pinterest, but the app would be focusing mainly on photography.

2 thoughts on “Beijing Photography: Develop and Plan

  1. JiwonK

    -I really like how you format your ideas graphically, with many details and descriptions. In addition, I also like that you showed your prototype in a video format because I put mine as photos; however, it would be better if you had your prototype in both video and photo format since photo helps people to observe your prototype more clearly. Otherwise, everything looks fine and I really appreciate your effort.

  2. Sam Griffin

    Hi Arianna,

    Your project is looking good! You seem to have a good handle on things, let’s chat about the best way to present your work in the exhibition in 3 weeks.

    Nice work!

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