3D modelling reflection.

Something that challenged you Making sketches in 3d challenged me as I often was not able to execute what I wanted to sketch in comparison to what the interface locked onto. I eventually adapted to this by doing the sketches mathematically instead of visually. This was slower than the visual approach but more effective for… Read more 3D modelling reflection.

English 9 Reflection.

What did I learn about how writers use language to create a humorous effect? What are some things that I would still like to learn more about with respect to this topic? Did I achieve the SMART goal I set for myself in this unit?  Why or why not? What was particularly challenging about this… Read more English 9 Reflection.

Graphic Design: Define & Inquire

For this project I will make a design intended on educating people about 4th dimensional shapes. There are many misconceptions about higher dimensions that have mistakenly become “common knowledge”. This project will attempt to clear these misconceptions and educate people on the basic properties of 4th or higher dimensional objects. This is a simplification of… Read more Graphic Design: Define & Inquire