Project Capstone : AI

In the duration of this project I have written a rationale, made a PSA video and made a final presentation. In the Define and Inquire phase we came up with compelling and supporting questions for a topic of our choice and researched them. During this phase we did a large amount of brainstorming. After changing… Read more Project Capstone : AI


北京国际学校将环保设为很重要的项目。若让回收的东西和垃圾在一起,就没有回收了,本来应当回收的也将沦为垃圾。从此可见回收桶的重要性。没有回收桶大量的纸会被浪费,也会使本来可以用的纸被扔掉让学校买更多的纸。 At ISB sustainability is of the utmost importance. Were we not to have recycling bins we would only have one distinct way of sorting waste, and subsequently render all materials the same. What could be recycled would be the same as trash and the resulting waste which could be used again would be replaced… Read more ISB环保:回收桶

PE: Health

Explain how having a negative body image and/or low self-esteem can lead teens to make unhealthy choices and take drastic measures to change bodies.  Support your claim with evidence from your presentation and those of your peers.  List healthier alternatives to these unhealthy and drastic measures.   A teen with negative body image or low… Read more PE: Health

Health PE: Technology

Describe the positive and negative effects of your tech use on school performance, personal relationships (think friends and family), and physical health. Use evidence from article, videos about the brain and discussions with counselors to support your claims.  Usage of technology allows me to access an immense amount of information online, and this helps me… Read more Health PE: Technology

PE – Health

How can you ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related topics?   To ensure the veracity and reliability of information when researching health related topics we must first start our search correctly. It is this first step that will determine what we are shown and what information we will be able to see. Needless words… Read more PE – Health