Before I fall by Lauren Oliver

Before I fall by Lauren Oliver


Actually Sam for short. A soul filled with greed, and hatred. A mind that kicks others down when they rise up. And a life controlled by her 3 friends. 17-year-old Samantha was found dead today. Her body was found in a car at the bottom of a small cliff along with 3 of her friends. Many suspects think that the girl that was driving (Lindsay) Had lost her mind from the party others think that she simply didn’t look where she was going. Numerous people knew that life was not going to be the same without the 4 girls. Many could describe Samantha as cruel, respected, and a dreaded person.

Throughout Sam’s life she has shown many incidents of her cruelty, For example, the day of the party. Juliet has been a victim of the girls bullying for many years now, However, on the day of the party, she decides to stand up for herself. It wasn’t too long before she was getting pushed around and getting food thrown at her. Yet it seems like Samantha only contributed to a fragment of this bullying, But she actually played a bigger role than many can see. Sam explains that she was so infuriated and embarrassed when Juliet confronted her, But the only thing she could think of when she sees Juliet is: I never knew you were so pretty. Why would she do that to a girl she thought differently about?  Would her friends be disappointed in her? “Lindsay’s gorgeous, but the rest of us aren’t that much prettier than anybody else.”(Page17) Lindsay was the ‘leader’ of the friend group. Samantha emphasizes this by explaining how looks matter, and because Lindsay is the prettiest she is highly prestigious not only in the friend group but also in school.

Samantha is a highly respected student of the school. She once said, “It’s a good feeling knowing you can basically do whatever you want and there won’t be any consequences”(Page 18) So is Samantha respected for the right or wrong reason? All students respect her, Surprisingly teachers as well! The life of Sam is a really complex one, Possibly complex enough everybody wanted to live like her. Once during a test, Samantha cheated off this girl, But at the end, the girl was the only who got told off. But that couldn’t be fair at all to the girl. However, at the end of the day, Even the teachers show a little bit of fear towards Samantha. Not only that, Samantha has a way to get teachers to prioritize her. Like cheating isn’t enough, Samantha usually ditches class to meet up her friends in the bathroom.

Lastly, Samantha showed how dreadful she could be in many ways, The reason people fear her is because of her power. Although, She has a charisma that no one likes or appreciates (Other than her own friends) No one has the nerves to get up and confront her. This is mainly because of their fear towards her. Teachers don’t expect much of her, And she gets away with everything. Like EVERYTHING.

Furthermore, Being cruel, respected, and dreaded, does not make Samantha any less of a person. Her dynamic way of looking at the world really interests a lot of people. Or maybe it’s that she still hasn’t found her true self yet.           

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