Protests In France

On Saturday, December 8th, there were protests that happened in France. “We are fed up of hearing promises from politicians. The French don’t believe in them anymore.”-(Anonymous). The French President Emmanuel Macron and the Government had made many promises to the people, but the cost of living kept increasing, including taxes and much more. Many French citizens filled the streets resulting in 136,000 yellow vests (Protesters) in total.  Many of the protesters were middle-class French citizens that struggled to pay rent or live lavish, like the other higher class French, resulting in great fury.

“Last week in Paris, the protests reached a level of violence unseen since the student uprisings of 1968, with participants destroying shop windows across the capital and vandalizing national monuments, notably the Arc de Triomphe, an enduring symbol of the French Republic” Was it too much violence? Or were the French protesters justified in their actions? Not only were many injured but numerous people were getting detained. According to the Washington Post “In total, more than 1,380 people were arrested across France.” Did they deserve getting arrested? Or Did the yellow vest protesters do what they could to speak up?