Polymer post2.


For our group, the second class was mainly based on making different prototypes for our cupholder. We experimented using different materials such as corn starch, PVA, and more. We also experimented using amounts of borax. My group and I found that the more borax, the more the polymer solidifies, but we also found that our polymer was more successful when we carefully measured out all the ingredients we used. Our main target/specific goal for this project is to create a polymer that can be used as a holder. For example, you pour a glass of milk and you leave the cup on the table, but accidentally you knock the glass of milk over. With our all new and original polymer, you will not have to worry about tipping over your drink again, because the polymer is easily removable, yet so easy to use. Our main target audience is everyone! From babies to grown adults. Here are images of the potential prototypes we could use. Each prototype has different ingredients used in it, and different consistency’s to it.

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