Polymer post3.

The main physical property I want my polymer to have is color. This might sound like a really vague physical property, but I’ve noticed that more customers are more interested in your product, if you have a variety of colors and types. For the time being, our group has 2 main colors which are green and pink. I definitely think that color will make a really big difference. Now that we have completed our “mock” product pitch, I definitely noticed some areas where we have to greatly improve. Away we can develop our polymer is by trying different materials. If you look at our ingredients list, you can see that we used corn starch, but we also used glue. And the ratio between the glue and the cornstarch don’t balance out. So I definitely think that trying to use different materials that are more environmentally friendly/ biodegradable could really make a difference. A couple methods to test the effectiveness of the polymer could be leaving it out overnight, or even washing the polymer with water. Since we don’t know how the polymer would react with water, it would really be helpful to test it out by rinsing it with water.

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