Polymer Post4.

Something I’ve observed about my polymer is that it could be a little bit sticky. By that, I mean that although it does what its suppose to, little bits of the polymer could get on the cup. This could be a slight problem because then the customers would have to spend more time cleaning the polymer off the cup, as well as clean the cup itself.  But something I also noticed was that we got a really nice consistency by using cornstarch, because for our previous prototypes when using cornstarch, our polymer would turn out really hard, this created a problem because we were looking for something more liquid than a solid. To dodge that, we used completely non-biodegradable ingredients, this led us to rethink because non-biodegradable ingredients are obviously not sustainable. Therefore, when we made our final product out of cornstarch, we were really proud and surprised.  A definite weakness for our group is that we don’t 100% know if our polymer is reusable and or ok to be washed with water. This is important because in order to save packaging material, and money, we need to make sure people can reuse our polymer.   

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