Polymer Post5




Pour 85ml glue into the beaker.

Add 2 drops of food coloring to the glue

Pour 5ml of starch solution to the mixture

Pour in 10.l of corn starch into the beaker with the rest of the ingredients.

Finish with 7 drops of borax

Stir well until the product looks semi-solid semi-liquid


Our final prototype was the most successful. Our final prototype did exactly what we wanted, and overall that, it was completely fine when we left it overnight without a package. Our final prototype was also the most successful because we were able to create a certain consistency that was able to support the granulated cylinder. When other groups came over to our table to test out whether or not the object would move, the majority of groups noticed that our polymer was very successful. From our collected data, and peer reviews we know that our last polymer is the best out of all the others.

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