IDU Final Reflection

During the past few weeks, engaging in the IDU program has taught me a lot about inclusivity, but also the true meanings of collaboration. For collaboration, I would personally score myself at a satisfactory because although I made some useful contributions to the group I still believe that I have room for growth.  For example, when my group and I come together for team time or community time, we would usually discuss our plans and tasks but sometimes I might get a little distracted by peers around. Overall I don’t think our group faced major challenges as we got all our work done on time both individually and together. Some of the Norms we decided on were Be open-minded,  Take responsibility, Compromise, Be present, Everyone contributes And Communicate via WeChat group. All our norms were very straight forward and easy to follow. The only norm I couldn’t follow was “Be present” Because I had to go to Shanghai for a basketball game making it harder for me to stay on the same page as my teammates. But luckily I was updated through Wechat and easily back with the group. Some main challenges of working with a group include disagreements with ideas, not completing work and more.  To solve issues like this, my group and I decided to elect someone to be our ‘manager’ so when things got out of hand, there would be a moderator. In conclusion, I think this unit was extremely beneficial because it taught me how to work well with others but also take responsibility for my own learning. 


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