AATW Time Capsule

Here are some sources for my time capsule!

(This link shows statistics on the coronavirus by the WHO)

(This is also a link that shows the main overview on the coronavirus)

Here are some photos that I found.

As many people are aware, the coronavirus has been rapidly spreading causing inconveniences in school, traveling, and much more. My capsule captures links to information about the Virus as well as images to go along. the image on the far left was taken in china and from the amount of protection the doctors are wearing, we can tell how important it is to stay cautious. The image in the middle was taken in Italy. It is evident that there isn’t anyone on the streets apart from one person. And lastly, we have a picture taken in the united states showing the people wearing masks. The coronavirus has had a massive impact on the social power and economy of countries. Many businesses and stocks are decreasing in terms of revenue causing a major economic drop. Furthermore, the government and the WHO have a lot of impacts on social power as well. An example is the travel ban that was implemented on foreigners outside of China. This shows the great extent the government is going to keep people inside the country safe. The WHO also has massive impacts on social power because people look up to them for updates on the virus and trust them as a reliable source for information. A policy that was set in place in many countries was to stay at home and make little to no contact with anyone. This is an important policy because if not followed the consequences could lead to you possibly unknowingly getting affected.



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