AATW Time Capsule

Here are some sources for my time capsule!

(This link shows statistics on the coronavirus by the WHO)

(This is also a link that shows the main overview on the coronavirus)

Here are some photos that I found.

As many people are aware, the coronavirus has been rapidly spreading causing inconveniences in school, traveling, and much more. My capsule captures links to information about the Virus as well as images to go along. the image on the far left was taken in china and from the amount of protection the doctors are wearing, we can tell how important it is to stay cautious. The image in the middle was taken in Italy. It is evident that there isn’t anyone on the streets apart from one person. And lastly, we have a picture taken in the united states showing the people wearing masks. The coronavirus has had a massive impact on the social power and economy of countries. Many businesses and stocks are decreasing in terms of revenue causing a major economic drop. Furthermore, the government and the WHO have a lot of impacts on social power as well. An example is the travel ban that was implemented on foreigners outside of China. This shows the great extent the government is going to keep people inside the country safe. The WHO also has massive impacts on social power because people look up to them for updates on the virus and trust them as a reliable source for information. A policy that was set in place in many countries was to stay at home and make little to no contact with anyone. This is an important policy because if not followed the consequences could lead to you possibly unknowingly getting affected.



English Reflective Blog-Post

I feel like this year I’ve learned a lot. Here’s my reflection:)


I’ve learned A lot about how writers use language to create humorous effects on readers. Some of the ways include using the literary technique, hyperbole, scatological humor, satire, and more! The different techniques each draw the audience in making the writing more humorous and enjoyable.

I personally feel like I’m decent at analyzing plays/Poetry, but I do struggle with going in-depth and fully analyzing making this unit a bit of a challenge. I definitely think I should work on going deeper than the top of the ice-burg and trying my best to expand my analysis. I think my biggest success was learning new things. I noticed that through the different tasks I was able to learn a lot in writing.

I think I did okay meeting the SAL standard although I will admit I would give myself an AP for responsibility.
Throughout this year I’ve been pretty good with keeping up with work. But because this last unit was really based on your own pace to complete work and turn it in, I felt like I didn’t have the push so I could take my time. I’m definitely going to work on setting goals and turning work in according to my goal.

Attached is my analyzed poem…
This is a piece of evidence that suggests that I’m okay at analyzing but I also have room to get better!

IDU Final Reflection

During the past few weeks, engaging in the IDU program has taught me a lot about inclusivity, but also the true meanings of collaboration. For collaboration, I would personally score myself at a satisfactory because although I made some useful contributions to the group I still believe that I have room for growth.  For example, when my group and I come together for team time or community time, we would usually discuss our plans and tasks but sometimes I might get a little distracted by peers around. Overall I don’t think our group faced major challenges as we got all our work done on time both individually and together. Some of the Norms we decided on were Be open-minded,  Take responsibility, Compromise, Be present, Everyone contributes And Communicate via WeChat group. All our norms were very straight forward and easy to follow. The only norm I couldn’t follow was “Be present” Because I had to go to Shanghai for a basketball game making it harder for me to stay on the same page as my teammates. But luckily I was updated through Wechat and easily back with the group. Some main challenges of working with a group include disagreements with ideas, not completing work and more.  To solve issues like this, my group and I decided to elect someone to be our ‘manager’ so when things got out of hand, there would be a moderator. In conclusion, I think this unit was extremely beneficial because it taught me how to work well with others but also take responsibility for my own learning. 


Polymer Post5




Pour 85ml glue into the beaker.

Add 2 drops of food coloring to the glue

Pour 5ml of starch solution to the mixture

Pour in 10.l of corn starch into the beaker with the rest of the ingredients.

Finish with 7 drops of borax

Stir well until the product looks semi-solid semi-liquid


Our final prototype was the most successful. Our final prototype did exactly what we wanted, and overall that, it was completely fine when we left it overnight without a package. Our final prototype was also the most successful because we were able to create a certain consistency that was able to support the granulated cylinder. When other groups came over to our table to test out whether or not the object would move, the majority of groups noticed that our polymer was very successful. From our collected data, and peer reviews we know that our last polymer is the best out of all the others.

Polymer Post4.

Something I’ve observed about my polymer is that it could be a little bit sticky. By that, I mean that although it does what its suppose to, little bits of the polymer could get on the cup. This could be a slight problem because then the customers would have to spend more time cleaning the polymer off the cup, as well as clean the cup itself.  But something I also noticed was that we got a really nice consistency by using cornstarch, because for our previous prototypes when using cornstarch, our polymer would turn out really hard, this created a problem because we were looking for something more liquid than a solid. To dodge that, we used completely non-biodegradable ingredients, this led us to rethink because non-biodegradable ingredients are obviously not sustainable. Therefore, when we made our final product out of cornstarch, we were really proud and surprised.  A definite weakness for our group is that we don’t 100% know if our polymer is reusable and or ok to be washed with water. This is important because in order to save packaging material, and money, we need to make sure people can reuse our polymer.