English Reflective Blog-Post

I feel like this year I’ve learned a lot. Here’s my reflection:)


I’ve learned A lot about how writers use language to create humorous effects on readers. Some of the ways include using the literary technique, hyperbole, scatological humor, satire, and more! The different techniques each draw the audience in making the writing more humorous and enjoyable.

I personally feel like I’m decent at analyzing plays/Poetry, but I do struggle with going in-depth and fully analyzing making this unit a bit of a challenge. I definitely think I should work on going deeper than the top of the ice-burg and trying my best to expand my analysis. I think my biggest success was learning new things. I noticed that through the different tasks I was able to learn a lot in writing.

I think I did okay meeting the SAL standard although I will admit I would give myself an AP for responsibility.
Throughout this year I’ve been pretty good with keeping up with work. But because this last unit was really based on your own pace to complete work and turn it in, I felt like I didn’t have the push so I could take my time. I’m definitely going to work on setting goals and turning work in according to my goal.

Attached is my analyzed poem…
This is a piece of evidence that suggests that I’m okay at analyzing but I also have room to get better!