Prim and Poised: Featuring Lady Dedlock

The chosen to do a magazine cover again because there is one particular character in Bleak Hosue that would really be suited to be one a magazine; Lady Dedlock. Lady Dedlock has one of the highest stands in the British Society and most of all, I believed from the start of the book that she was hiding something behind her back and later in the book it is discovered that she had a secret engagement and a child. When Lady Dedlock is protracted from the outside, she often acts very high and mighty like part of the royals. However, in the inside, she is hiding a dark secrete. Later she discovers that after the tragic accident of her family dying, her fiancé actually survived, lived in abject poverty, then overdosed on opium, and her child survived after was raised in secret by her own malicious and vindictive sister.

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