Impact Statement: Episodes (2,3&4) (In Progress)

Episode 2

The feedback I was given was that my evidence didn’t connect to my claim as strongly as it could as I focused on  and that I should stay more concise on my claim in my evidence and follow through it completely. I feel that the feedback was reasonable because I didn’t make clear or concise connection between evidence and my claim in my CER or speak in that format. The  feedback given shows me multiple directions to ensure that I use key words and structure phrases from my claim and select more relevant evidence and connect them with my reasoning, and I can show this next time by applying those words and sentence structures to better connect my evidence with my reasoning.

Episode 3

The feedback I was given was that my evidence were not focused enough and varied too much in range which makes things less concise. I feel that the feedback was understandable because my evidence came from many different interviewees with different background and I couldn’t fit them all in a CER or speak in that format. The  feedback given shows me multiple directions to ensure that I find the important evidence and cut the unnecessary things said, and I can show this next time by applying those teachings better connect my evidence with my reasoning and check over all evidence I want to use.

Episode 4

The feedback I was given was that my use of key words were not focused enough and varied too much which makes my reasoning less concise. I feel that the feedback was absolutely justified because my use of words were extremely unclear and did not resemble my underlining theme. The  feedback given shows me multiple directions to ensure that I find the important key words and sentence structures and cut the unnecessary use of words I used, and I can show this next time by applying those teachings and concise key words with my reasoning and check over all evidence I want to use.

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Humor: Reflective Blog Post

During this unit, I learnt humor can be created in multiple formats of literature through the many literary techniques and underlining themes. Throughout this unit, I looked into just how much the use of diction can shift the mood of a piece.

Through the Poem I analyzed, I looked at how each stanza is structured and how anaphora can be structured to form irony. ” My father knows the proper way The nation should be run; He tells us children every day Just what should now be done.  He knows the way to fix the trusts, He has a simple plan; But if the furnace needs repairs, we have to hire a man.” (Father Lines 1-6) I also learned how underlining social themes can draw humor from relatability like the role of a father in the poem and how flirtatious men usually look too high upon themselves in the Confusions. I believe I have indeed achieved my smart goal I set up for this unit , My smart goal for this unit is to be able to write in a clear diction that is readers can easily comprehend as humor, I will do this by optimizing to check my writing over multiple times, I will know I achieved this when feedback from my teachers no longer is centered around this issue and understand my piece, I believe I can achieve this by the end of the school year and is extremely realistic.” I believe through looking at both of these pieces I can draw from their techniques into my writing.

I believe the most challenging part of this unit was easily analyzing the Confusions as I had no experience in plays and that form of literature and its main purpose and themes it tries to display, and so easily the biggest success I had in this unit is overcoming that and learning about that form of writing. I believe as a student as a learner, I am satisfactory but still have room to improve, as I find it hard to motivate myself without the help of others and being in quarantine just makes that harder, I need to find self-motivation in my learning for English and that is what I will be trying to achieve for English 10.

In conclusion, I believe I have strived to achieve the goals I set out to do for this unit in a concise way but still have much to improve in terms of displaying my thoughts when it comes to analyzation in my writing.

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Oprah Winfrey Golden Globes Analysis

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This is the first episode of the CASE podcast episode 1. After revising and changing a few flaws, I believe it us well structured a coherent. We were tasked to interview three people on how they feel about the coronavirus. I was happy with their answers, so most of the revising were in the editing of the video. I toned the music so it fits in with my voice, and I cut awkward pauses and moments. One of the problems with this episode of the podcast is that I wish I spoke more passionately but if I were to change that it would break the flow of the conversation so I will certainly try harder next episode.

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War Poster Analysis

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IDU Project Reflection Post

During the IDU unit, students were tasked with finding an issue surrounding the topic of inclusivity and how we can promote others to feel comfortable amongst a wider community. However, the unit focuses more on the journey we took getting to our solution over the final product itself. This project put students into groups of three or four, personally, I would say that teamwork and clear communication is key to finding success in this unit. I rated myself on three on my collaboration, I believe I excelled my personal responsibilities and contributed leadership to our group but not overshadowing anyone else. I helped others who were absent and caught them up with their roles as well as helping teammates have participated willfully. I believe strengths as a team member rely on the fact that I listen deeply to anyone’s opinions and despite not agreeing with them, I still can show my appreciation towards their thoughts. I would say that communication is the most important norm in collaboration, and to be honest, it was what our team lack most. Our team did not go out of our way to seek each other outside of class to collaborate, which really damaged our abilities to fully express ourselves on the day of presentation. Another norm equally as important was to stay respective. I think we all respected each other’s opinions and chose what we wanted to do under the condition that all of us contributed our voices to it. This really helped us have a solution plan that we could all present knowing what we did and what we can share. One norm I think that was less important is the need for punishments when we disobey our preset regulations. This might help people more strictly follow the rules however it might put others under pressure. One major challenge we faced was not a student staying at home forcing our team to accommodate him, this too brought up some problems with our communication and him coming back days before presentation needed a lot of help from others. We overcame this by looking back at what we did at the beginning of the unit to teach him about the idea of inclusion and this unit as a whole. Overall, I would say this unit was extremely different than normal classes, I am still not sure if I am fully on board with learning heavily on inclusion over our normal core classes, but the focus on collaboration was extremely practical and beneficial in my view.

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The Urbanization Bill


First, market reforms need to be deepened. Urbanization is primarily a market-oriented procedure, which both accumulates and restructures the capital, technology, and other assets and diverts them into productive uses. The government should speed up the introduction of efficient markets for labor, capital, and land. The government should adopt various policy measures to reduce market failures, such as clarifying property rights, adopting antimonopoly measures, and protecting the environment

Second, Hong Kong’s household-registration system should be gradually reformed. The government should make a 10-to-20-year plan to further loosen the regulation of urban household registration that allows ten million migrant workers and their families to officially settle down in cities annually and have the same access to public service as their urban counterparts.

The Hong Kong urbanization plan should be refined. Both central and local governments should formulate scientific plans for urbanization that take into account population flow, middle- and long-term resource demand, and environmental constraints and then put those plans into place. To protect resources and the environment, planners should encourage urban agglomeration.

Moreover, the central government should encourage local governments to reform household-registration policies to favor urbanization.

Finally, social management and public governance should be improved in the process of urbanization. Urbanization should encourage not only economic restructuring but social and political reform. The government should encourage the emergence of civil society, perform its due functions in public affairs.


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Reading Progress

During the final stages in my reading for the semester, I believe I have met a lot of goals of which I set up during the beginning of the school year. I now read averagely at least half an hour a day. Also, despite not being a goal I set up with, I now read much more diverse. This is due to me trying to tick off the different categories for books to read. I also finally started to read and annotate at the same time. It really helps me focus on my reading and can easily go back and revise what I read. I find this extremely useful because I often forget or simply do not register what I am reading if I am not in the mindset. All in all, I would say my biggest improvements to reading this year would be the extra time I devoted and learning to annotate.

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Guitar Practice

Guitar_Dec 2019

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Create & Improve

During this stage, I fully moved away from notebook sketches to using tools on devices including an Ipad and my laptop. All my designs were created in sketchbook. These sketches include alien species, sci-fi landscapes, and artifacts. During the later process, I obligated myself to work at home due to my week of missed school. Which turned out to be extremely productive and came with the best results when I have long periods of time working independently, as a matter of fact, I was able to get most of my designs done at home. The game will belong under the genre of games like a space opera. But adapting some source material from hardcore sci-fi novels. So for my feedback, a lot of it was given that focused on the sci-fi elements and how can that fuse with the gameplay.

As someone who’s always been inspired by brand new out-of-the-world concepts presented in lesser-known sci-fi novels. And the gameplay will be my imagination of the concepts visualized. And since these novels are mainly focused on the world and less on the characters, it fits the style of an RPG.

In regards to the feedback from others, I tried to keep my designs as original as possible while keeping up the quality of the design as the ones online. Lastly, I had to put the designs in a completed poster in order to present. That process was harder than I thought, as I didn’t pay much attention to this process when planning things out. But putting together a completed poster requires much thought in its design as well. My success criteria looking back was pretty intense, I called for dozens of designs that I didn’t consider the time and resource frames for. However, through the use of feedback, I was able to make feasible changes.

Also by looking at my success criteria, I am generally happy with what I accomplished as my criteria were quite vague. Which gave me a lot of creative chances to branch out on new styles and ideas. My hopeful impact of the product is to set a resource or inspiration for game designers to the base on. And that the elements in the game can be on the same creative level as books or shows given the level of gameplay of the RPG. Another impact I hope to create is to introduce the science-fiction drama to full-time video gamers to this genre I personally love as well as bridging the gap between the two fanbases or simpling welcoming anybody to these two genres.

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