English 9 Final Reflection

During this unit of Humor, I have learned to analyze how language is being used to create a humorous effect. I have understood the critical characteristics of drama, how to appreciate a poem, and take responsibility for my work. For instance, I need to work on time managing and improve on my independent learning criteria. There are three central questions that I would answer for this blog post as a reflection for English 9: Culminating Inquiry.

The first question of all, what are some successes that I have after learning this unit? I think I learned to analyze the humorous drama play with its effects on the audience by noticing the literary techniques being used. In the journals, I have analyzed the game of Between Mouthfuls: “The theatrical device of comic relief is being used, as it is a tragedy that Polly had cheated with Mr. Pearce under Martin’s back, but the tragedy is made comical and hilarious by the opposite adjustment of both character’s reactions.” The literary device of comic relief is used here, as it is a term that I have learned through going over the Drama Glossary. Here is a screenshot of where I found the term. I have learned how to apply those terms in my analysis of play and poem; it is considered a new achievement of myself, to learn with more independence.


I have learned to take responsibility for my learning, including participating and submitting most of the works on time. Here is a screenshot of all tasks that I have done throughout the unit (below the paragraph). What I should do next time is to look through dragon exchange every day, planned for a specific time for English class works in a day, for example, 9:00-12:00 this Wednesday. I should try to remember to submit all of the works, and participate in the zoom meeting more frequently, ask questions to the teacher, and take feedback seriously.

The second central question for myself is: In what ways do I still need to grow with respect to the criteria of Attitude? For this unit, during the assessment of writing the dilated journals, I have been dishonest on my work as I did not finish my work by myself.  After a talk with my teacher, I have realized how serious the problem is and taking the teacher’s words seriously. What is fortunate is that, after I understand the problem, I had soon taken actions to resolve it, and I had remembered this lesson in my mind, hopefully for the rest of my life. This is an important lesson that taught me about being honest and not seeking inappropriate shortcuts, and it helped me rebuild my positive Attitude in academic learning. After that, I have tried my very best to look through all documents that are provided to reanalyze another play that is selected, have annotated, and analyze my selected poem successfully. The annotation of the poem is based on the TPCASTT handout that is provided. Here are my annotations and the evidence of revelation to the TPCASTT handout.


Furthermore, I have generated my CER base on the CER English Format. I have detailed goes through each requirement on the format sheet, I had checked them done before I submitted my CER. The one more thing I gained from doing tasks throughout this unit, which would benefit me a lot, is that I have learned to check requirements on the rubric to improve my work after the first draft. These are all improvements to my learning attitude after I studied the lesson of being honest. I have tried the very best of myself to work on the assignments independently.

To conclude, for this unit, I studied a lot and recognized the problem of myself. It is a fortune that I have discovered the mistake, although it is humiliating and regretful. But now, I felt confident after reflecting and resolving the problem and considered the error as an essential lesson in my academic life. And, of course, I am happy that I have tried to take risks based on Independent learning, gaining time managing, and self-managing skills that are needed and essential. I have set three main goals for my future academic life in English 10:

  1. Submit all works on time, make sure to check dragon exchange every single day.
  2. Frequently ask throughout question both to teacher and peers
  3. Remember the lesson of being independent in doing all work and trying my very best to complete all, regardless of whether formative or summative assignments

Finally, I am thankful that I have happily and successfully learned through English 9 classes, and I hope that I would keep improving English in English 10.

Coronavirus Engineering Report

Coronavirus Engineering Project

This is my whole report above

This final product is a disinfection station including a disinfection tank and a storage box, it is designed for my family to disinfect the coronavirus before family members came home. The design will be promoted through WeChat moments, and a charity club called Moving Hearts, the money will be donated to coronavirus charity club finally.

This report includes:

  1. background research of the coronavirus
  2. initial research of materials
  3. similar product research
  4. skills and knowledge needed
  5. survey from audience
  6. initial design
  7. iPad colored design (with color scheme)
  8. analyze feedback from classmates
  9. revised design
  10. success criteria
  11. constrains
  12. timeline
  13. product and process evaluation
  14. future work
  15. environmental impact (how to recycle materials)
  16. poster design
  17. promotion channel analyze