What are some of the key elements of propaganda that they seem to share in common?

  • The Chinese propaganda analyzed in class seem to have very similar purposes, whether portraying Mao as a powerful and compassionate leader of convincing the common people to participate in the cultural revolution and embrace communist thought
  • Many posters utilized similar propaganda and linguistic techniques such as color, symbolism, bandwagon, etc to further portray the communist party as a fulfilling, united, and powerful community.

How are Chinese people being represented in them?

  • Chinese members are portrayed as a unified community. Most of the propaganda analyzed in class portrayed the communist party and common peasants as unified in their ideology and goals where everyone is working towards one goal

How are members of other groups being represented?

  • Members of other groups, especially those who do not support communist ideology, are portrayed as selfish and evil. For example, one of the propaganda analyzed in class represented the United States as sick and evil with the use of colors and facial expressions.
  • Foreigners and those who oppose communist ideology are presented as enemies of the common people