Propaganda Design:

How are language and image being used in your selected poster and to what effect?

Over the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the deaths of millions while severely damaging the economy. Thus, it is more important than ever to wear a mask to reduce the spread of Covid-19. My propaganda aims to persuade people to wear masks and to inform them of their significance. In addition, my target audience is the general public, especially those who are skeptical about the importance of masks.

Firstly, the background of the propaganda consists only of different shades of blue. Notice that the background contains no additional details, as I intended to utilize white space to attract the audience’s attention to the important content of the propaganda. In addition, the color blue symbolizes trust, unity, and integrity, further contributing to the idea that wearing a mask is a collaborative effort from communities to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Furthermore, my poster’s use of the propaganda technique ‘glittering generality’ strengthens the poster’s appeal to ethos, effectively persuading the reader to wear a mask. The slogan ‘wear a mask, save a life’ informs the audience about the importance of masks clearly and concisely. As our current society highly values human lives, the propaganda appeals to the audience’s moral integrity and values, therefore adding to the poster’s ethos appeal. In addition, the words ‘mask’ and ‘life’ are highlighted in yellow. Since the color yellow has connotations of hope, it further encourages the audience to wear a mask. By highlighting words in a different color, the propaganda also attracts the audience’s visual attention to its slogan, therefore increasing its effectiveness.

Finally, the propaganda also includes an image of myself wearing a mask. By wearing a mask, I build credibility to the audience, therefore appealing to ethos while encouraging the audience to wear a mask. Furthermore, my eye direction points toward the upper right direction. This signifies that I am looking towards the ‘future’ and ‘goals,’ illustrating my determination to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This further encourages the audience to work towards limiting the spread of Covid-19, therefore achieving the propaganda’s purpose of persuading people to wear masks.