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Graphic Design – Bookmark

  • What is this design task all about?

During this project, we created a bookmark using the design elements and principles. Mr. Griffin assigned us a principle to necessarily utilize, and using the design element was totally up to us. The following are the elements and principles of graphic design.

  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

Elements of design:

Point: Basically a dot. It is the most fundamental element of design.

Line: Connection between two points. This is also one of the most fundamental elements of design.

Shape: An arrangement that is formed by multiple lines. This is also one of the most fundamental elements of design.

Form:  Representing 3 dimensions in the design. This can help the design look visually attractive.

Tone: applying light and dark on the figure to present 3 dimensions.

Texture: Illustrating a tactile feature on the figure to make the design look alive.

Colour: the perception of the figure described by its hue.

Type: The lettering or text that takes part in the design.

Principles of design:

Emphasis/Hierarchy: To draw an audience’s attention to a certain part of the design through emphasizing.

Balance/Alignment: Arrangement of each figure to make the design visually attractive and clear.

Contrast: Applicating a difference between the figures to make the design visually attractive.

Pattern/Repetition: Using the repetition of figures to make the design visually attractive and clear.

Scale/Promotion: Utilizing the size of a certain figure to emphasize something in design.

Movement/Direction: utilizing dynamism to make the design look active and energetic.

Negative Space: Leaving out empty space on the design to emphasize some parts of the design.

Cropping: Removing parts of the image or type to make the design visually attractive and clear.


Using these elements and principles of design, the designers can effectively express their thoughts or visually attract the audience. All the elements and principles have different usage and affect, so using them helps the designer make their own unique product.


I was assigned to alignment for this Bookmark Assessment.

Social/Political Posters - GraphisThe Art of Alignment In Graphic Design | DesignMantic: The Design Shop

These are good examples of alignment. They both have red rectangles standing at constant intervals, which is the main feature of alignment designs.  The constant intervals make these design simple, and also visually attractive. Just like these example, I will stack up the figure on my bookmark to express alignment.

  • Why did you make your bookmark to look this way?

For this assessment, I was assigned to “alignment”. I thought of some ways to utilize alignment on my project, and I decided to use colors and shapes from design elements on my work. I did so because it will be visually attractive and also neat to align quadrangle on my bookmark. I thought it will be too simple and boring if all the quadrangles are in the same size, so I differentiated the length and width of the quadrangles. Moreover, using the same color for all the shapes also makes my design boring, so I needed to vary the colors. The work of Piet Mondrian is one of my favorites, so I was inspired by the colors his work uses. Concludingly, I colored by quadrangles with red, yellow, black, light blue, and dark blue. I also made sure that I am aligning the quadrangles at a similar distance, around 0.5cm, to make my bookmark visually attractive and neat.  My design effectively communicates alignment, because it focuses on aligning shape at a certain distance.  As a result, my design looks neat and visually attractive.

The work Piet Mondrian that I was inspired by:

Piet Mondrian pattern | Mondrian art, Piet mondrian, Mondrian

Final Product:



Dahun Book Mark Final


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  1. Hi Dahun, your bookmark is excellent! You have really clearly described your decisions too. If you want to get a little grade bump, include some more example images for alignment 🙂

    I noticed your bookmark still has the original description of Contrast. Can you please update that to the alignment text – then email it to me?

    Also, you should update your blog banner with some of your graphic work!

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

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