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Unit 3: ITZME

During this unit, we made a logo that represents the topic that we chose.  I chose ITZME, a DJ who specializes in electronic dance and trance music. From his career as a DJ dealing with electronic dance music, I decided to express a concept of music, dynamic, enthusiasm, and energetic. If I am able to express these concepts on my logo, then my product will be successful. I started this project by brainstorming 40 design ideas for the logo ITZME.

These are the 40 design prompts that I came up with, but many of these designs were of low quality as they were brainstormed. Therefore, I chose 4 designs that had the best visuals amongst these prompts.

These are the four designs that I chose from the design prompts. I chose a final design to focus on among these prompts, so I crossed out three designs that had some problems.

The problem with the second design was that it was too complicated. I personally think that this design’s visual is the best among my prompts, but its complicity makes it more of a sticker than a logo. The problem with the third and fourth designs is that they do not represent the target concept: music, passion, energy, and lighting. Therefore, they do not really show the identity of ITZME, which does not fit my logo. As a result, I decided to develop the first design for my logo. I thought its visual is not bad, and that it has a great potential to express a concept of music, enthusiasm, dynamic, and energetic.

To develop my final design I searched for some designs that I really liked on Google, and I was quite inspired by the graffiti-like designs.

These two are the designs that I was inspired by. They consist of the font that is based on the graffiti-like design.  I really liked how dynamic these letters are, and I thought these thick styles of letters will be able to express the concept of energetic for my logo. The visual of this style was really cool too. However, the problem with graffiti-style is that it may lack clarity. For instance, the pink letter for the first logo is meant to represent the number 2012, but it is not clear. Therefore, I must make sure that my design is clear enough to effectively make this style of design.

Inspired by these examples, I came up with the sketch of my final design

I used the graffiti-like font for my design so that it makes my logo look dynamic. I also made letter Z resemble the figure music note and lighting bolt, which represents the concept of music and energetic. I made its size big enough to highlight those concepts. I drew lightning bolt on the back to make it visually look better and to make my logo look energetic.

Using vector lines, I drew this converted on my adobe illustrator. When doing so, I found out that the music note figure in the middle resembles s rather than z, so I flipped it over to really show the letter z.

I was quite satisfied with this work, so I moved on to the next step to color these letters.


I colored the figure in reddish colors because the color red represents enthusiasm. The color becomes lighter as it moves to the left, making my logo look visually better.

Then I got great feedbacks during the class relating to the imbalance of my logo. It turned out that the size of letters I and T is slightly bigger than M and E, which makes my design unbalanced. Therefore, I made a final adjustment of decreasing the size of the letter I and T.

The following is my final product:

I also tried to utilize my logo with the sample product of CD, which looks quite cool.



How my clients will interpret my logo:

The specialty of this logo is that it uses a graffiti-like font. The letter itself is quite thick, sharp, and unbalanced, and this style of the font makes my logo look dynamic and energetic.  Although it uses the graffiti-like font, it does not have a problem relating to clarity and it clearly shows the letter ITZME. As it shows, the letter Z resembles the figure of a music note and lighting bolt, which represents the concept of music and energetic. The letter Z is the biggest letter among my design, which highlights those concepts of music and energetic. There is a yellow lightning bolt that penetrates the letters, which adds to the image of dynamic and energetic. Lastly, I colored the letter with reddish colors. I did so because it really fits with the yellow lightning bolt, and mainly because the color red symbolizes enthusiasm. The color shifts from dark red to orange as it goes from left to right, and this makes my design visually appealing. I think my logo was successful because it not only looks good but also represents the concept of music, dynamic, enthusiasm, and energetic. Through these concepts, my logo successfully informs the viewers of ITZME and his career as a DJ dealing with electronic dance music.


Overall, I think my logo was really successful. The graffiti-like font of my design was visually attractive, and its colors were really diverse. All the letters clearly show the word “ITZME”, which strengthens the clarity of my logo. The whole logo is quite balanced, which is also a strength of my design. The logo is not too complicated nor too simple, and it has adequate complicity to be a logo. As I mentioned before, I think my logo was successful because it not only looks good but also clearly represents ITZME. My logo clearly reminds of a DJ dealing with electronic dance music, representing ITZME.

However, the problem with my design is that it may not fit with the product which is in a color that does not look good with red. This problem happens because my design consists of reddish colors. For instance, the product in brown or purple may not fit with my design because those colors don’t look good when it is with reddish colors. That is why I spent a hard time choosing the color that looks good with my design when making the CD cover. Next time, I must make more design prompts with different colors so that I can carry the colors when utilizing it for my product.



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  1. Hi Dahun,
    You generated a wide range of really different design ideas. I would’ve liked to see a little more information about the client and how his style influenced your decisions & direction. Your final logo works well, I especially like your treatment of the colour. I think it needs a little more work to balance the different letters and get them to flow, but this is normal for such a fast project. Very well done!

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