Your chosen design brief (design problem, user, constraints, etc) and a short description about why you selected this project to work on

For this project, I chose to address a problem relating to dental clinics. Most children hate going to dental clinics when they are young.  It is because they are often scared of it. The scratching sound of drill spinning, the toxic smell of medicines, and the unfamiliarity of the place are the main reasons why children have scary images of dental clinics. As a result, children cry whenever they go to the dentist and parents have a hard time trying to appease them.  After all, going to the dentist became a burden for children, parents, and even dentists. It is highly troublesome in that it evokes family conflicts and makes doctors tired. Therefore, an effective solution is needed for this problem. To solve this problem, I decided to make a mascot character for a dental clinic targeting the children. By making a cute mascot character for children, I can give them a good image of dental clinics, helping them not to be scared of dentists.

I chose this project based on analyzing strengths and weakness . The strength of this project is that the idea is fresh and interesting while also dealing with a social problem. When doing a project like this, it is easy to work on a subject that is cliche and obvious. Environmental issues are one of those examples. I personally think that working on those obvious subjects are not really interesting. So I tried to come up with an idea that is special while also successfully addressing the social problem. I thought dealing with the problem that children are scared of the dentist is interesting and appealing.  It also benefits parents, children, and dentists, which makes my project beneficial for the whole society.  Moreover, there is no specific solution to solve this problem, which makes my project fresh and effective. Adding on, my project is quite viable. Making a mascot character is a simple design project, so it won’t be hard for me to make one. On contrary, there was no weaknesses or threat that is big enough to affect my project. If I must choose one, the weakness is that my project cannot completely erase children’s fear of dentistry. But my project can at least improve it. Since this problem does not have an effective solution although it is quite severe, it is enough meaningful to at least improve it. Therefore, this weakness is not severe enough to affect my decision. Concludingly, I chose this project because it is fresh, interesting, effective, and viable.

Your audience profile – a mood board or visual display of the different characteristics of your user/audience

This is my audience profile. For my audience, I targetted children aging from 3 to 10 because they are the ones who are often scared of dental clinics. Obviously, my audiences are the children scared of dental clinics because the goal of my product is to make children less scared of dentists. Gender does not matter about whether children are scared of dentists or not, so both genders are my target. Since my mascot is going to be cute in order to relieve the fear, the audience must be the ones who are attracted by cute things.

Evidence that you have created and shared some kind of survey to gather primary research on your user/audience

For this project, I created a survey so that I can gather some ideas about my subject. The target audienceㄴ of my subject was aging from 3 to 10, so it was impossible to directly interview my targets. Therefore, I interviewed adults who are raising children. Doing so was quite hard, so I could only get 6 responses, but it was quite enough.

The following are the questions that I asked, and summarized answers:

Have your children ever been scared of going to the dental clinic?
If so, how old were your children when they were scared of going to the dental clinic?
Why do you think that children are scared of the dental clinic?
They are unfamiliar to it. the sound is scary, the surgery hurts
What are some ways we can make children less scared of the dental clinic?
“Make a better image of dental clinic for children.”
Do you think that making a cute mascot for the dental clinic can make children less scared of the dental clinic?

An embedded Padlet that shows a wide range of divergent inspiration, and evidence of information gathering (tools, materials, techniques that you think might help you solve the design problem)

The following is the examples of the mascot that I searched. These samples were found in google, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. The similarity between these designs is that the mascots are all cute. It also shows that the color of these designs are usually soft. Affected by this overall trends of the mascot, I decided to make my design cute with soft color that so that it attracts children without scaring them. Then I moved on the mascot of dentists. They generally utilized a figure of tooth, and some used tooth pastes and tooth brush to symbolize brushing teeth. Therefore, I also decided to use those features for my design to really show that my mascot represents dentists.

A paragraph that describes your goals and next steps

The overall goal of my project is to make a mascot character for a dental clinic to give children a good image of dental clinics, helping them not to be scared of dentists. For the next steps, I must work on coming up with a design draft. When doing so, I am going to look at the design examples on my padlet. I think they are really good ones, so I will refer to them really often. Just like I did for other projects, I am going to brainstorm the designs that I have on my mind. Then, I am going to a best one, and try to developed that design.