In the last blog post, I finished my project up to the final sketch and in this blogpost, I concentrated on polishing the sketch, coloring, and applying it to the real world.

First of all, I drew my sketch again on Ipad to simplify the rough sketch on the paper. By doing so, I could make the lines neater, which makes my mascot visually attractive. I also drew the trace of the toothpaste with the bluish brush, so that looks as if it is flowing

Then, I colored my mascot. I generally tried to use bluish colors so that my mascot looks cool. I also drew in the minor details such as the line in the mask and toothbrush.

However, it turned out that coloring my mascot’s body with light blue made my mascot not look like a real tooth, which is the identity of my design. Therefore, I changed the color in grey, and it kept my design on the right track. Also, grey had a good combination with the bluish color choices.

And this is my final product. I thought the eyes in the prototype were too scary, so I embedded a white dot on it in order to make it more vital and cute. By doing so, my design will look visually attractive for my target audience: children. As a result, this mascot will make children not scared of the dental clinic. I also made the handle part of the toothbrush in 3D, so that it looks more vivid. The color of it was also blue in order to maintain the bluish concept of the mascot.  It wears the cloak on its back, adding to the heroic image.  The mask that he is wearing emphasizes the concept of sanity, inducing the children to brush their teeth thoroughly. His head looks like a tooth, so it successfully represents dental clinic.


Then, I applied my design to some dental clinic mockups.

Reflection of the final product:


Is your design successful, or does it still need further refinement?

I think it was quite successful to a certain point. It successfully represents a dental clinic, and its cute appearance attracts children, helping them not to be scared of the dental clinic. However, in terms of its design, I think I could have done it better. I am personally satisfied with it, but it is not so good compared to professional works.

What went well in your process, and what did you enjoy?

I think coming up with an idea and developing it was the best part of my project. I personally think that my idea of the design was quite fresh, and coming up with a heroic sketch of my mascot was quite good. That part was the part that I most enjoyed too.

What didn’t go so well?

I personally think that the coloring and polishing part did not go so well.  In the polishing part, I should have added some attractive features to the mascot, but I did not. As a result, my mascot lacked in visuals compared to the professional works.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time, I should ask for more help from the expertise in the designing field as my work lack in specific details. By doing so, I can make my design better in terms of visuals. Or else,  I could have searched up some videos about making mascots. There are bunch of youtube videos about it, and I should have looked at it in order to improve.