• Describe key elements of the short film (use film language as much as possible)


Character is one of the key elements of short film, as short film unfolds its story based on characters. Therefore, action, dialog, soliloquy, and facial expressions are considered significant in short films as they are the ones which expresses character’s idea. Film techniques such as extreme close up and close up are used to express character’s features.


Theme is also a significant feature of short film, as it is what short film’s plot should be about. Some common examples of themes are love, good vs evil, betrayal, and so on. To illustrate the theme effectively, the film must have a structure which starts with introduction, then rising action, then climax, and ends with resolution.


Jump Scare


Jump Scare is a technique often used in horror films and it scares the audience by showing the abrupt change of image. This technique is supposed induce a “cheap scare” both physically and mentally from the audience.


Tight Framing


Tight Framing is a technique that puts a frame very tight on the subject of the film. When doing so the subject almost touches the edges of the film. This technique I used to draw an attention about a specific subject. Moreover, it can also draw audiences’ attention to variety of concepts around the character.


Back lightening


Back lightening is a technique to use the main source of light behind the character to highlight the figure of the character. Since the light source is from the figure’s back, it is hard to recognize the facial expression of the character. Therefore, it arouses curiosity from the audience about the specific features of the character.




Uplighting is to use the main source of light from the bottom. By doing so, the light highlights the character’s face. Therefore, it exaggerates the character’s facial expression, and it may be also used to maximize the scary feature of antagonist’s face.


Horror films must create an scary and tensive atmosphere so that the audiences can immerse into the film easily. Therefore, the usage of sound is significant, as it is effective in building up a tension. Infrasound is one of the sound technique used in horror movies.


Infrasound is a low frequency sound: a sound that has a frequency below 20Hz. Since this sound is hard to be heard, using this sound builds up the tension of the film. It also expresses negative emotions such as uneasiness, anxiety, and fear


People expect to feel scared when they watch horror movies. This reason is related to human compensation psychology. When humans feel negative emotions such as fear or anxiety while watching horror movies, happiness comes afterwards as a reward. Therefore, when making horror film, the director must make the film scary.


Cultural and historical backgrounds have a great influence on horror movies. For example, most Eastern ghosts are often seen well by others because they have the setting that they died with resentment. Therefore,  eastern ghosts openly slaughter people rather than hiding themselves.

On the other hand, Western ghosts are difficult to detect unless they are experts. Therefore, they evoke a mysterious fear. Since I am accustomed to those “eastern” fear, I can feel that I am more scared by those “western” fear these days.


In my horror film, I will include a mysterious fear. It will be about an unexpected spiritual visitor. Since I have no access to computer technology, I won’t be able to include the figure of the ghost. Due to this constraint and my preference of a mysterious fear, the ghost will be invisible for this film. However, the audience are aware of its existence since the ghost is leaving traces by turning off lights, making noises, or knocking on doors. To maximize the sense of fear, I will use some sound techniques like infrasound.