The protagonist has his film-making project overdue, so he/she remains at school to edit his/her video. Therefore, The film takes place in the film-making center of ISB at late night. While he is working on his project, the incident begins.

He hears a sound in the hallway, so he goes out to check. However, he out nothing. Feeling a sense of awkwardness, he goes back to the classroom to continue editing. When he sits on the chair, he hears a sharp sound at the entrance of the film-making center. He leaves the classroom to check, and he finds a cup lying on the ground. He looks around, but no-one is left in the school.

This time, he hears a footstep on his back. He turns around and spots a red footprint on the floor of the classroom. Feeling scared, he stands up and runs out of the classroom, to the hallway. At the entrance of the filmmaking center, he hears a giggle on his back. He stops and slowly turns around. Then, the light turns off, and the protagonist screams.