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My Film – An Invisible Ghost/ Synopsis


The protagonist has his film-making project overdue, so he/she remains at school to edit his/her video. Therefore, The film takes place in the film-making center of ISB at late night. While he is working on his project, the incident begins.

He hears a sound in the hallway, so he goes out to check. However, he out nothing. Feeling a sense of awkwardness, he goes back to the classroom to continue editing. When he sits on the chair, he hears a sharp sound at the entrance of the film-making center. He leaves the classroom to check, and he finds a cup lying on the ground. He looks around, but no-one is left in the school.

This time, he hears a footstep on his back. He turns around and spots a red footprint on the floor of the classroom. Feeling scared, he stands up and runs out of the classroom, to the hallway. At the entrance of the filmmaking center, he hears a giggle on his back. He stops and slowly turns around. Then, the light turns off, and the protagonist screams.

Dahun Film Video


Story Board

Extreme Close up

I will film my hands holding a drum stick. I will make sure my drum stick is highlighted and I will try to keep the background out of focus. This scene will take about 4 seconds.


I will use an aperture of 2.8.

I will use a 42.5 lens.

I will use a white balance of 5000K.


Close up

For the second shot, I will film my face. I will make sure that my eyes and mouth are in focus to clearly show the expression. I should have a concentrating expression on my face. This scene will take about 4 seconds.

I will use an aperture of 4.

I will use a 25 lens.

I will use a white balance of 5000K.

Medium shot

For the medium shot, I will take the picture of myself sitting on the drum set. In this scene, the only action I am going take is spin the drum stick. This scene will take about 4 seconds.


I will use an aperture of 5.6.

I will use a 25/15 lens.

I will use a white balance of 5000K.

Over the Shoulder Shot

For the over the shoulder shot, I will film the drum set on the point of view of my shoulder. At this scene, I will show myself being ready for drumming; I play my left hand on the snare drum, and place my right on the high hat. This scene will last for 4 seconds.


I will use an aperture of 4.

I will use a 42.5 lens.

I will use a white balance of 5000K.

Interesting Shots

For 5th shot, I will show myself playing the drum set. The camera angle at the top, filming down will on me drumming.  I will actually play the drum to make this scene interesting.


I will use an aperture of 5.6.

I will use a 25/15 lens.

I will use a white balance of 5000K.


English Relfection

English Final Reflection – Dahun


Through this humor unit, I learned how writers are using language to create a humorous effect while conveying the theme or message. At the starting of the unit, I was quite ignorant of literary devices, but I acquired new literary devices such as anaphora and alliterations through both Confusions and the poetry anthology, which generated a humorous theme. However, I still need to dig deeper into the content. For the “Drinking Companion” dialectical journal, I did not make a significant observation on how the language is influencing the audience, and for the “Sick” CER analysis, I analyzed too many literary devices, so my product became extremely narrow. Therefore, I should try to add more detail to the audience’s response to literary devices for further assessment.


My SMART goal for this unit was to understand how to use language devices to create a humorous atmosphere and to understand the influence on the audience. In general, I successfully achieved my SMART goal for this unit. I discovered an anaphora of I and my on every line except line 2,28,30,31 and 32, and found various alliterations including “My mouth”, “Hip hurts”, “Belly buttons” and “Pendix pain” on line 5, 15, 16 and 18 which were new devices for me. I also analyzed that these devices are letting the audience easily immerse themselves into a humorous theme. I could do so because the feedback that I received on the dialectical journal helped me a lot to find what I should focus on for the CER. Therefore, I can say that my understanding of literary devices improved more than I expected as I discovered new literary devices and their effect on the audience on the text, which is my biggest success.


For me, the particularly challenging part about this unit was meeting the deadline. I thought I am able to meet the deadlines, so I set it very tight without considering other assignments. As a result, I could not meet the deadlines for both dialectical journal and CER although I stayed up all night working. Therefore, I can say that I am still developing my skills in meeting deadlines, which gives Needs Improvement for my Time management. I willingly received and accepted your feedbacks, so I am satisfactory for the willingness to accept feedback. I generally was prepared for the class, which gives satisfactory my preparation. Therefore, I think I am in a satisfactory standard for responsibility in general. I set realistic goals and reflected them, so I get satisfactory for independent learning. I remained focused and on task, so I am in a satisfactory standard for engagement. Lastly, I was willing to accept a challenge with teacher prompting, so I get satisfactory for perseverance. Thus, I generally am in a satisfactory standard for attitude.


As I mentioned at the front, my weakest point is time management. Therefore, improving my time management skill is the first priority for me to perform better relating to SALs. For this semester, I had some time wasted some times because I was staying home the whole time. Therefore, I could not meet my deadline and could not revise my work. That’s why the quality of my dialectical journal was awful. To minimize wasted time, I should make my daily schedule. This way, I will be able to manage my time better and revise my work before I turn it in. In English 10, my ultimate goal is to improve my writing skills. Unlike others, English is not my mother tongue, so I often feel difficulties when writing essays. I am aiming to complete IB program, which is full of essay assignments, so it is essential for me to have fancy writing skills. To do so, I am aiming to read many books during summer break so that my writing improves.





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