Lather and Nothing Else- What Choice this “I” take??

I, or the barber, is a dynamic character in the story Lather and Nothing Elsebecause he falls in a dilemma, where I am internally challenged whether or not to kill Captain Torres.Most of the time, a lesson is learnt from that and the character improves upon himself

I, or the barber, is an experienced and a careful barber that is famous in the town. Not many people can estimate someone’s beard growth, however, “I Estimated that he had a four-days’ growth of beard… taking heed that not a single pore should emit a drop of blood” (Tellez 1,2). By the barber estimating the growth of the beard by just seeing the general for a short amount of time, it proves that the barber is an experienced and a skillful barber. Additionally, we could infer that the barber is extremely careful since he was taking heed that the general would not bleed from the shaving. However, as time passes by and the barber realizes that general Torres mutilated and executed many of the barber’s fellow rebels, the barber falls into a quandary; should I let him go peacefully, or cut his vein as a revenge for my dead rebellions? So, the barber shows numerous signs of perplexity throughout the shaving. I, or the barber, looking “Through the mirror, I took a look at the street… I must have been very pale, and I felt my shirt soaked with sweat” (Tellez 3,4). Looking around the environment shows that the barber was anxious and uneasy as he was afraid of the general noticing what the barber was thinking, which at some point, the barber actually thought about killing the general and was pondering about the consequences that would follow if so. Also, with the barber’s face pale and his shirt soaked with sweat, it is evident that the barber was concerned as well. At last, the barber ends up not killing the general and he stays as a professional barber than a heroic figure. From this the barber learns a lesson: Decision making is challenging, especially between what you should be and what you want to be.

In conclusion, the barber starts out as an experienced normal barber, but as the story flows, the barber shows many indications of nervousness.Lather and Nothings Else shows decision making since the barber decided not to kill the general and also shows the general taking a risk because as he puts his gun and his coat on the hanger. He is unarmed, realizing the barber is a rebel.