Throwing a Ball

1. What did you learn from this activity? How is that relate to the concepts we learned in Algebra I?

In this activity, I learnt about RMSE, which stands for root mean square error, which went along with M2 Statistic unit, relating to measure of spread.

2. What did your group do well?

Our group did well in equally distributing the work we needed.

3. What were some of the challenges your group faced?

We had challenges with the Logger Pro, especially the steps to get the desired result, because Logger Pro was something that was new to us.

4. What aspects of this activity could your group improve?

We could have improved on editing the video with iMovie, because we did not have much time to edit in class.

5. How could you do it differently if you are giving another try?

I would have three very different throws so that it would be easier to compare each throw.

My Summer Reading List

Over the summer, my goal is to finish reading the book Descartes Dream. This book will be tough read for me since this book is about a mathematician and his visions about his theories. I will try to comprehend the book more than trying to finish the book. I feel like it would be a challenge for me, but finishing this book would transform me into an more advanced reader.

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