The Absolutely True Reflection of the Part-Time Socratic Seminar

One of the area that I have improved on from the last formative socratic seminar is that I was able to effectively build on others’ ideas to construct my claim. Throughout the seminar, I politely disagreed to some people’s arguments while connecting that to build my claim to further develop the conversation. Also, I have improved in participating in the seminar. For example, I asked questions in relation to the theme of the book, which lead an interesting discussion topic. Finally, I have improved on utilizing my Cornell notes. I built my claims upon the notes as evidence, which strongly supported my claim.

However I think I could improve on the analysis part of the seminar. Next time, I would discuss about the literary elements of the book to bring the seminar into a deeper level. The analysis  would be important in order to understand specific parts of the book.


Part-Time Indian Practice Socratic Seminar Reflection

On this socratic seminar, I think I have done well in preparing for the discussion. For example, I extended myself to go deeper into my annotations by using the Cornell note format to claim, analyze and summarize specific portions of the book.  Next time, I could focus on making quality contribution by speaking slower and referencing direct quotes from the book. This could be achieved by basing my ideas on my detailed notes, and further sharing my thoughts by give specific page reference for evidence.