IDU Collaboration Reflection

Over the past few weeks, the whole Grade 9 has been working on the IDU Project. This year’s focus was on inclusion in ISB. Our group decided to focus on body image as an issue and we managed to come up with a high quality solution, which was a website. Although I finished this project without trouble, one of this project’s constraints included group members that I was not familiar of. This was because in this unit, each individual was assigned a random group. So, collaboration was a key to success in this unit, or else the group would fall apart.

I think that my strength as a team member would be responsibility and work quality. For example, I managed to create the home page of our website within three days and I took the lead to create a WeChat group for communication. Responsibility and the ability to produce good work is important in group projects because they increase the efficiency of the whole group: every team member is ready for the next step. Also, throughout this project, I contributed regularly in group discussions, and came to each meeting prepared to share my idea. Therefore, I would give myself a meeting for the collaboration assessment if I were to grade myself. To be honest, I could still improve on agreeing upon other’s ideas. Some of the times I monopolized group conversations, not allowing room for my teammates to contribute.

Out of the norms of collaboration, paraphrasing is the most important one. This is because paraphrasing allows information to be concisely communicated, thus saving time throughout the project. This was particularly useful in the planning stage, as detailed research and prototyping required a lot of time, and paraphrasing ideas helped with the time. However, we realized that this was not a great idea because later on in the sharing part of the project, we had gaps in our presentation, mainly due to the summarized informations from the planning stage. So when we actually needed more words, we did not have them. Our group learnt that paraphrasing is not always helpful when the information needs to be referenced further on.

The only problem our group encountered was when we had to choose our target population and inclusion focus. We originally planned of developing a solution relating to mental health issues, but one of our group members thought that mental health was a topic that was common among groups. Therefore, we voted on another issue that was not so prevalent: body size. We managed that situation well with a peaceful method, where a dispute might have happened.

To conclude, the IDU Project required a lot of collaboration. I learnt many new collaboration skills throughout this unit. For example, I figured out instead of voting, doing Rock Paper Scissors was a better method to decide on an idea as it was fast and easy. And yes, this would be a lifelong skill to have.