Editorial Cartoon Presentation Reflection

The aim of the last month or so was to produce three editorial cartoon/ad analyses. We had to create a presentation out of it and deliver a pitch. Two of them were formative, where my peers and Ms. Wong gave me constructive feedback, and the most recent one was summative. To be honest, the concepts were not that hard to understand. But, the challenging part of these assignments were looking at the visualizations’ bigger picture and analyzing the intended usage of certain techniques by the author. I have learnt how to deliver speeches by effectively appealing to pathos, ethos, and logos. Also, it was interesting to know about the different logical fallacies and how vulnerable we were to the them. Most importantly, the process of recording my presentation taught me a life-long technique: how to record both your face, screen, and audio using QuickTime Player.

It was a stretch to hook the viewer, provide context, look over the visuals, analyze the techniques used, and offer my opinion in a limited time. I was recording my face, so it was awkward to see my face while speaking. The most common techniques that I have seen throughout this unit were the utilizations of humor, satire, symbolism, and appeals to pathos and ethos. It was fun to realize how the real intention of the cartoons, with what it was subjecting and why. Moreover, trying to sound natural, instead of following a solid structure like a robot, was difficult because a checklist was provided and it seemed very appealing to follow.

After completing three analyses, it was very surprising to see how I could point out the purpose, techniques, and the six dimensions of rhetoric from an ad out of the YouTube video that I was watching!

Ad: “Have you ever wanted your own website? With wix.com…” Me: “Ok, the ad is firstly establishing a connection with the viewers to provoke a sense of familiarity, thus…”