Time Capsule – ATW 9

In this task, we were asked to collect “artifacts” or evidences to create a virtual time capsule. In the capsule, information in regard to history, economy, politics, and geography were required to be included. Here are my “artifacts”:

This artifact depicts a map of where the coronavirus started, and the early stages of the outbreak. The diagram was created on January 31st, therefore it is valuable since geographers can look back at this source to identify and analyze where the virus started. They can also find a correlation between the severity of the virus and population.


This is a screenshot demonstrating my first few weeks of eLearning. It is from my mentoring class, and it has value for historians because they can see how certain policies, such as eLearning, affected certain group of people and how the implementation lead to an intended or unintended consequence.

This headline shows how Trump claimed that disinfectant injected into the human body can prevent the coronavirus. It is an important source for political scientists as it clearly indicates how effectively was the US functioning and responding towards the outbreak.

This headline confirms how numerous airlines were bankrupted due to the coronavirus, with a reduced demand for air travel. This is a valuable resource for economists, as it demonstrates how certain companies and industries were affected financially.

This is an excerpt from a news article when China closed its borders to foreigners. This is a relatively recent source and it can be valuable for all historians, economists, political scientists, and geographers. This is because with China closing its borders, there are certainly varied outcomes including political, economical consequences, with certain structure and location of nations affecting it.