DT Robot Petting Zoo: Squirtle

Quick Summary: In DT class this trimester, Theo and I made Squirtle as a part of our robot petting zoo.

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success in this project was actually being able to finish the project on time, before the exhibition day. Some other groups were not able to finish their projects on time, but we were able to finish it on time, so my partner and I are very proud of that success.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently zwould be making Squirtle interactive. Squirtle only moves and activates the sound effect only if my partner or I pressed on a button on our laptops. However, on the day of exhibition, I discovered that first graders were more attracted to intractable robots. So, if I could change my robot, I would attach an IR sensor to make it interactive.

Skills I have learnt this trimester was coding. Before, I have heard of coding, but I didn’t know anything of coding. But, during DT this trimester, I learnt how to code with Snap4Arduino app and code so that the motor would move the way I wanted.